VIALUTIONS was founded in 2010 and now employs over 50 people. 

VIALUTIONS GmbH is based in Berlin and focuses on requirements management, project management and administration. VIALUTIONS Sp. Z o.o. in Wroclaw (Poland) has a large pool of capable and experienced senior developers. Software development is provided from here as well as testing, quality assurance and support for our customers. 

In addition to IT consulting and the development of individual software solutions, as a long-standing Microsoft partner we are the right contact for SharePoint and Microsoft 365 related issues. We are happy to support you whilst migration, operation or SharePoint applications and extensions. 

Our mission

“Our customers identify their business challenges for which there is no standard solution available on the market. We provide support early with the specification of the requirements.  

In close coordination, we develop step by step exactly the right software solution that the customer really needs and that fits into his IT landscape. In that step, processes are supported and optimized, so that – with decreasing costs – the quality in the entire business process increases.” 

Andreas Hepfner, CEO of Vialutions GmbH Deutschland
Andreas Pohling, CEO of Vialutions SP z o.o. (Polen)

Our SharePoint Tools

Through our many years of experience and trusting customer relationships, we have gradually developed the VIALUTIONS Toolbox. This contains various extensions for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, which simplify communication, organization and processes. You can find the tools on the Microsoft Marketplace.