Vialutions Summer Camp – application supporting histopathological samples’ examination

Vialutions Summer Camp – application supporting histopathological samples’ examination


Let’s face it – summer is over. And with it, Vialutions Summer Camp is over too. Four of our interns have completed their assignments and joined our company. What did they do for three months? What was the result of their work?

We can reveal that this project is our first step in the MedTech branch. We have already had contact with it – you surely remember our application supporting the diagnostic process, we have also mentioned the software for an innovative ultrasound tattoo removal machine.

HistoReport, because it is the solution our interns worked on, is another application streamlining medical processes. It is aimed at pathologists and supports and organizes the process of describing histopathological samples. It is a system of structured, detailed forms that guide the doctor through the entire procedure.

During the whole process, we cooperated with experts in the field of histopathology, and thanks to their support we knew what functions are most important for doctors and in what form they will be most convenient to use. This is important for us – we want the application to be clear and useful for users.

During those few months, our interns created a prototype of a tool that simplifies the diagnosis process. This is an open solution – we can extend it with options that may complement its operation. Creating such an advanced application is not only a good opportunity to improve skills but also to learn the way we work in Vialutions. Did our interns nail it? You bet they did!

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