The transformation from a traditional IT department to an innovative IT organization

The transformation from a traditional IT department to an innovative IT organization The classic IT department as a pure cost center in companies has had its day. Rigid structures and little to no authority for the IT manager within the company usually lead to silo thinking in the classic IT department. In today’s blog post, […]

IT Jobs: DevOPs – what is that?

IT Jobs: DevOps – What is that? Did you develop a fascination for computers at a young age? But have you been put off by the cliché of the software developer sitting alone in the dark basement, eating nothing but chips, Coke and pizza? Then our blog series on jobs in the IT industry is […]

Digitization for companies

Digitization for companies Digitization is no longer just a fashionable buzzword, but a necessity for businesses. The integration of business processes and digital technologies enables us to transform the operations of our customers’ companies into smooth, digitally supported processes.  The importance of digitization for companies Digitization basically means the transformation from analog to digital. More […]

The advantages of individual software

The advantages of individual software Standard solution or individual software – this is the question most companies ask themselves in the digitization process. In this article, we take a closer look at this topic and show the advantages of individual software. What does digitization mean for companies? The term digitization basically means the change from […]

Safe database queries in .NET environment

When developing any application, we consider possible threats that the application might be exposed to in the later IT environment. Especially for applications that communicate with databases, SQL injection attack is a threat. These can be carried out in a fairly simple way.  SQL injection attacks These attacks take place, for example, via forms on […]

Everything under control – the oil warehouse management application for Toyota

As you might guess, in a car parts factory, oils are one of the key resources. They are indispensable not only in production lines but also in the maintenance and repair of machines. No wonder then that maintaining their proper condition and managing it by procedures is an important matter.  How to make the process […]

What is nearshoring?

Most companies are now aware of the need to digitize. Accelerated by the pandemic, it has become increasingly apparent that digital solutions are essential for teams or departments to collaborate. Making information and workflows available and transparent for everyone at all times is still a major challenge. Often, in-house capacities and know-how are missing. The […]

Lean Management, Kaizen, Just in Time

Lean Management, Kaizen, Just in Time Lean Management Lean management is an approach to continuous process optimization and encompasses the efficient design of the entire value chain. With the help of various lean methods, procedures and thinking principles, “lean management” pursues the goal of harmonizing processes and creating a holistic production system without waste. And […]

It’s been 10 years now! Vialutions celebrates its birthday

It’s been 10 years now! Vialutions celebrates its birthday We cannot fully believe it ourselves, but it’s true – Vialutions has been operating on the market for 10 years. It’s a lot or not – it’s hard to judge, but during this time we’ve learned a lot, we’ve had a few ups and downs – […]

Do you want to talk about it? eVetting – application for team work

eVetting – application for team work Imagine such a situation: your company negotiates terms of cooperation with the new client. You have a standard contract template but there is a necessity to make few corrections in it. How to do this? You should ask for opinion colleagues who negotiated it before. Maybe the legal department could […]