Will the binders save us? Electronic workflow of invoices

Will the binders save us? Electronic workflow of invoices There is no doubt that the company’s finance should be well organized. A small firm can coordinate it by itself and keep order with binders and folders. In big companies keeping the workflow of invoices and other documents smooth and running could be a real challenge. […]

The electronic workflow of vacation requests

The prospect of a vacation is nice, but before we can pack our suitcase and head to the sea or the mountains, we usually have to go through a vacation application process. This is not always easy. Not only for employees, but also for the employer, the long and complicated vacation application process is unpleasant. […]

Why do you need an intranet?

What do you think of when you think of a common place at corporate headquarters? Probably the kitchen or the conference room. Probably no one thinks of the intranet at first. Not all companies use such a solution, but it can certainly be a virtual platform that connects employees and facilitates communication and collaboration. Intranet […]

Excel and SharePoint – why you should consider a change

Just about every company uses Excel for various application purposes. First and foremost, Excel, as part of Microsoft’s Office software, is helpful for spreadsheets. Excel can be used to clean, organize, process and consolidate. When it comes to data organization, companies almost automatically choose the program as a tool. Hard to say goodbye It’s not […]

Document management for CACEIS

Document management for CACEIS CASEIS is an asset servicing provider and was supported by us in the areas of IT administration and document management. Initial situation CASEIS uses SharePoint as an intranet. SharePoint offers various tools and applications for the management and organization of documents. Often, the use of a multitude of tools leads to […]