SharePoint Framework react.js web part for SharePoint 2016 – All The Downgrades

SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is a page and web part model that supports client-side development for SharePoint 2016 (Feature Pack 2) onwards. It’s certainly a major milestone for Microsoft to let developers use their favorite frameworks and open-source tools, but if your solution is targeting SharePoint 2016, there are a few sacrifices you have to make, […]

What are the goals of intranet implementation?

Why an intranet? This question is asked quite often, and there are many answers. Over the years, we have implemented such solutions in many companies – more! We use our intranet in SharePoint every day. Do we see pluses? Sure! The better workflow in the company More and more companies enable their employees to work remotely. […]

What are we doing here? Part 2 – Backend

Okay, we know what a frontend is and how to build a “frontend”. What about the second part? How is it that we enter data into the application, and it processes it and provides us with the results of this analysis? These are the questions for the backend developer. We can explain what a backend […]

What are we doing here? Part 1 – Frontend

We work on various projects, communicate quickly, use professional vocabulary… and sometimes forget that not everyone knows what front end, back end, deploy, or CSS is. Like all professionals, sometimes it is difficult for us to understand that our language is not always clear to everyone. Today we will try to rehabilitate ourselves a bit and […]

vDictionary – Microsoft 365

We have already got used to working in Office 365, we got to know its possibilities … and it’s time to change! Do you know what is the difference between Microsoft 365 and Office 365?  What is Microsoft 365? Let’s start with a reminder of what Microsoft offered us as part of Office 365. It is […]

How to improve invoice workflow in a company?

Not everyone likes dealing with documents. Of course, we will find passionate about the filing of invoices by date of receipt, but many people shudder at the thought of “paperwork”. Bad news: it can’t be avoided. Both internal and incoming documents must be properly managed, otherwise, chaos threatens us. What to do with this? How to […]

Homeoffice and work time registration

The sudden illness of the child, waiting for an important parcel, malaise, failure in the office, or finally nationwide isolation. These are the reasons why the home office is a rescue for both employees and employers. Another issue is how to organize work from home. What should work time registration look like during a homeoffice? Let’s […]

The workflow in SharePoint – overview

We have been repeating this for a long time and we will repeat: the workflow is part of every job. Maybe we don’t even realize that the processes we handle daily can be described as such. And yet! Some shrug their shoulders, but for some, realizing this fact is a starting point for reflection on […]

SharePoint functions

Our SharePoint education continues. We have extensively told about the history of SharePoint, for those who prefer short and to the point we have created the vDictionary cycle in which we introduce the next elements of the platform… Today we will discuss the basic functions of MS SharePoint. This is a handful of practical information […]

SharePoint and OneDrive – differences

So you are thinking about introducing a virtual document management system in your company? Great! This is the first step! Several tools on the market will certainly facilitate this process. If you are hesitating between very popular solutions – SharePoint and OneDrive – we will help you make a decision. What does Sharepoint do? SharePoint is […]