Caceis and document management system – we will take care of everything!

Caceis and document management system – we will take care of everything!


Most of our clients have their own IT departments. That’s enough for daily maintenance company’s system, but sometimes it’s too less to do long, complicated processes. In that case, it is worth giving some tasks to specialists. Caseis, a subsidiary of Credit Agricole, did just like that. Do you want to know how did we solve their problem using the new document management system and some other solutions?

Document management system – papers in a good order

Caceis is a modern company. They value the new useful solutions, so used a SharePoint platform as an intranet and a lot of applications to manage documentation. When we tell “a lot”, it means really a lot – almost 100 tools. The more, the better, you can say, but we can’t fully agree with you.

Yes, many tools can make work easier. But when employees use and share documents in different applications, work could become a bit disorderly – files are split and organized… not so great. To allow staff work properly there was a necessity to unify all documents and create one database.
Caceis’ management saw that and wondering how to improve this process. They ask as to create one wholesome document management system.

At first, we helped our client with the shape of the system and consulted which attributes are necessary and who should have access to different data. Then we had a big task to do – migrate all the documents from old applications to SharePoint. It was a long and important process and it had to be carried well. We put a lot of effort into it and our DMS could work properly.

Documentation storage and management are one thing. But it also important to have a possibility to discuss them in the team. Review tool – the solution we built and implement in Caceis system – allows to share files to a group of people and give feedback from them before sending it in public. All comments employees left in documents are visible for people in the group and easy to find.

Migration to DMS – how to do that?

As we say before – migration all that data to SharePoint and implementation DMS was a long and complicated process. Caceis has a big development team, but someone had to talk to them, clarify everything and lead the migration. There was needed a good vendor manager – so here we are.
Caceis IT team had maintained all of the applications. They know them really well, but a migration to DMS required some more experience. They needed a project manager who would know how to do it in a proper way. We made expertise and on the basis of it, we planned the whole process. Next, we managed it

The new branch of Caceis – we set it up

That wasn’t over. Caceis opened a new branch in Frankfurt. It was clear that in the new place there would be needed the same system and tools. Vialutions was responsible to set up to the office – creating an IT infrastructure, IT administrating and migration a business application.
That was a challenging part but also – this is our core business and we know about it everything. So we spent some time to prepare perfect working facilities for our client and the effect was satisfactory. Caceis Frankfurt branch could start work without any problems.

We have cooperated with Caceis for two years. During this time we changed a lot in their work organization. We are glad that we could help them to improve their workflow. Even more, we are happy that all the solutions we made work well. That’s a really good feeling!

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