Digitization for companies

Digitization is no longer just a fashionable buzzword, but a necessity for businesses. The integration of business processes and digital technologies enables us to transform the operations of our customers’ companies into smooth, digitally supported processes. 

The importance of digitization for companies

Digitization basically means the transformation from analog to digital. More broadly, we speak of the digital transformation of companies. The pandemic has forced digital transformation to accelerate in many places. Video conferencing is daily business and working models such as remote or home office are absolutely usual. 

The digital transformation not only creates new products or services, but also creates major challenges for companies. After all, companies are not only going through technical processes such as the conversion of classic files into digital documents. Digitization also stands for holistic change as well as innovative and agile rethinking. Topics such as intelligent networking, IT security and high-performance data infrastructure are coming to the fore.  

As part of this process, not only a rethinking in the minds is necessary, employees also must be given access to appropriate tools and applications. 

The benefits of digitization

Digitization within companies can achieve multiple goals. Processes are simplified and accelerated, communication within the company and with customers is facilitated, and in production, automation can guarantee faster throughput times with higher quality. In addition, by using digital technologies, departments are more closely connected with each other, which ideally leads into cost reduction. The use of digital technologies promotes decentralized working. Digital measures enable companies to remain competitive and flexible for the future. It is important to understand that digital transformation is not a one-off project, but an ongoing process. 

VIALUTIONS supports companies in the digitization process

As an IT service provider, we can support you in digital transformation. Our expertise embraces IT consultingbusiness and production automation and development of individual software. We have also developed tools which, as extensions to Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, simplify processes such as time recording and improvement management.