Homeoffice and work time registration

The sudden illness of the child, waiting for an important parcel, malaise, failure in the office, or finally nationwide isolation. These are the reasons why the home office is a rescue for both employees and employers. Another issue is how to organize work from home. What should work time registration look like during a homeoffice? Let’s think about it!

Work time recording system

The fact that most companies use work time registration programs daily should not surprise anyone. Digital transformation is a fact and the fact that recording hours worked in an electronic system for recording working time is much more efficient than using Excel sheets, attendance lists, or other analog solutions.

Electronic time recording has many advantages. The employer can be sure that everything is under control: it is known who works how much on a particular task, how long it took to complete the task, where it would be helpful because the task somehow takes too much time… Such information significantly facilitates work planning.

Obtaining these numbers is not easy if the registration of working time is done by confirmation of the presence at work or by the magnetic card system. However, if your company uses a system to record your work time online, generating a report on this topic is easy to accomplish.

An invoicing for customers is also significant. If we settle them in the time and materials system, monthly summaries of the progress of work on the order are a great basis for invoicing.

How to control your work time during homeoffice

All these arguments can be disposed of with the statement “I am in the company, I can talk to every employee, see what he does”. Of course! It is different, however, when it comes to the home office. We could see for ourselves how much work from home differs from work in the office in recent months. We can confirm: registering work time at the homeoffice is a completely different process.

For many companies, insulation was the first contact with electronic time recording. We are sure that in this case, it worked perfectly – both the boss would like to know what employees are doing and the employees themselves are more willing to present what they did during the workday.

In this case, electronic time recording is the best solution. A simple, intuitive program in which every employee will tell you what he did on a particular day – it is a tool necessary for a home office. Do you need an example? We are presenting our solution: vWork.

vWork allowed us to indicate what elements should have an application for recording working time online. In addition to the obvious option of entering daily hours worked, these are:

  • The ability to assign an employee to specific projects or tasks,
  • Marking in separate colors the days on which the employee worked less than 8 hours and those on which he worked overtime,
  • The ability to generate reports in the form of PDF for print and signature by the customer, as well as Excel for the HR department or accounting.

Remote work under control? This is how it works! 

Do you need a good time recording program?