How to monitor working time?

How do you organize your work? Tasklist in a notebook? Calendar? Application on the phone? Laying out the straps and their chapters for the following days is not so difficult. It is different when it comes to accounting for the time that in a given week or spending spent on particular sentences. Let’s be honest – today we can analyze our activity practices, but what will happen in two or three weeks, when the boss asks what we do? Not only. What can help us? Maybe a system for calculating working time?

Work time evaluation program

This is it! In this context, monitor your working time using a special application to enjoy the benefits. What

First of all – organizing work. Those who carefully plan each step may win, but assign a range of time to perform tasks that help plan and prioritize tasks.

Secondly – the importance of your capabilities. Sounds coaching? Maybe, but let’s look at it from a different perspective. If we pass the time we devoted to tasks, we can easily catch which aspects of our work we can improve.

Third – simple accounting for your tasks to the boss. Thanks to the report of working time in black and white view, how much we worked and there are no places on documents, what we did two weeks ago. The third line of the monthly report – work for the client. And all clear.

The benefits for managers and company owners are not even worth mentioning – they are obvious: knowledge of how work in various departments or projects looks like, easy task planning, and above all, all simple invoicing for clients. If we are dealing with an hourly settlement of work for the client, reports from the RCP system are a great basis for invoicing.

Control of working time in the company

Well, but what does the monitoring of working time in a company look like in practice? Until recently, the peak of monitoring employees’ working time was the list of entries and exits of the or system based on access cards to the office. Currently, employers have a choice of different types of RCP programs.

Their assumption, however, is similar – they are to be an available, simple tool to which the employee will be able to easily enter the time that took him to perform individual tasks, and the employer can check them and generate a report. Example? Here you are!

On our blog, we have already described one of our solutions – vWork. This is a classic system for monitoring working time, and combined with vPlan allows not only to control work in the company but also to rationally manage its resources.

You can read more about this here.

The RCP system as part of business process automation

RPC system? Automating business processes? Difficult words! And yet their meaning is known to us as much as possible!
RPC is nothing more than familiar to us from this article and not only the system monitoring work times. However, the automation of business processes is a phenomenon that can be observed daily, although perhaps we are not even aware of it. It is nothing more than supporting processes that take place inside the company with technological solutions.

How does this relate to monitoring employees’ work? The automation of business processes assumes that company processes should be simple, but meeting all the company’s needs – and what works better in this respect than modern tools?

The automation of work simplifies it and allows us to perform our tasks more effectively. And if it is so, why not report them? 🙂