IT program for production management

Factory management – sounds like a real task, right? Even if we choose only production management from all logistic processes that take place in it, we still get a gigantic process that we need to control somehow.

Of course, every production plant that has been operating for some time has its procedures and solutions. They certainly facilitate production processes in some way, but is that a reason to rest on our laurels? The automation of business processes has also reached production and can work wonders. What can modern production management look like? Let’s think about it!

How to improve the production process?

This question is probably asked by all persons in managerial positions. Stick to best practices? Can it change procedures completely? Or maybe opt for IT programs for production management? There are many solutions, but before we decide on any tool to support production processes, let’s think about things we want to change.

Consulting in the field of productivity improvement and modernization is one of the areas of our activity. We will not count the number of times we sat with clients and we wondered together how to improve the production process. What was the result? Interesting solutions, such as Kaizen or an intuitive, simple system for issuing waybills for Toyota 😊

  1. The conclusions we usually came to together with contractors are simple:
    Planning is the key! We can’t achieve much without a good production schedule. Order, production planning and all stages listed in one place can do a lot. We do not hide that we would rather recommend creating them using a special program for production plants – the schedule available to everyone, editable by specific users is a completely different quality than excel or calendar notes,
  2. Regular machine condition checks – sudden machine failure can stop production for a long time. Isn’t it better to have everything under control and know when to check, repair or replace parts? Here, too, it is easiest to control it thanks to a special program – paper control cards for machines are not always much more onerous to use, and we care about time and precision,
  3. Documents in digital form – that’s right. We can safely say that most production plants now strive for the most modern form of work. And after all, papermaking, printed forms and signatures are probably the most analog element of production plants. Tablets instead of tables!
  4. Good information flow – this is just a problem! Contrary to appearances, production is often stuck here. Even the best-prepared procedures or frequent meetings do not always help. In our opinion, it is a matter of a good database of information and systems for administration. What is finally more convenient – a transparent system in which you can check all the information in a short time or telephones and ask colleagues.

Production schedule

As we mentioned – ordering dates is a lot easier. It is not only a properly planned workday or a production cycle plan. Yes, it is very important, but we must remember that production is much more.

When planning the entire cycle, we must take into account employee leaves, periodic inspections, machine and tool inspections, temporary downtime, parts delivery and shipment of finished products. There are many factors and even the most experienced logistics specialist may have a problem combining all this into one coherent production plan.

How to create a production schedule and take into account all the necessary factors? Difficult case. But the right IT system for production facilitates this task. All you need is a good concept and a solution that has worked well in a similar production plant, such as we have often implemented. If you need a fresh look at production processes, and above all a good scheduling tool, we are available!

ERP and MRP systems

Another hard nut to crack: Material Requirements Planning. Material requirements planning requires knowledge of product structure, inventory, order status, and production plan. How to gather all this information in one place and efficiently manage logistics? The answer is simple – the MRP system. This is an IT solution for production, which is used by many factories and with very good results!

MRP programs are often included in the larger ERP system, i.e. the Enterprise Resource Planning program. No wonder – after all, supplying the company with the right materials, determining the right amount of supply and inventory in the warehouse is a very important component of production management. However, if until now we have been based on Excel sheets and procedures from a few or even several years ago, it is worth thinking about something that will allow us to complete all production processes in the company, and thus – improve production.

Creating software for manufacturing companies

IT programs for production should take into account its specificity and mode of operation, as well as the company’s philosophy. It’s best to blow it on the example of Toyota. The solutions developed over the years worked well for them and matched the company’s mission well, they only needed to be modernized and moved to the intranet.

It is similar to other production plants. We always say it – our goal is evolution, not revolution. We create software for production plants so that they meet the needs of users, and at the same time help in those matters that have become stuck due to the use of analog solutions. A personalized program for the production plant – what do you think about it? Is this what your company needs?