IT solutions for HR – Part 1 – Recruiting tools

IT solutions for HR – Part 1 – Recruiting tools


HR is a department that works with a lot of information and documents. Probably until recently, to recruit, an e-mail, telephone, and a set of binders were enough. Times change, however, and nowadays it is not enough to efficiently find the right employees, and to keep all the security and personal data protection requirements. How to choose IT tools for HR? What solutions for HR will support the recruitment process? Are there good IT solutions for human resource management? How to properly organize online recruitment?

It just so happens that we have some ideas for recruiting tools 😊

Collecting and archiving CVs

The company is growing, it needs employees. HR looks for the right people… And here maybe some support could be needed. Let’s start with data storage. Regardless of how candidates’ CVs are delivered to us, we must store them in a safe and orderly manner. What can help here?

Certainly, an intranet tailored to the needs of the company – regardless of whether we need tools for the HR company or only for the HR department, the intranet is almost a must-have. Why? It’s a great place to archive and share documents.

Let’s look at it on the example of SharePoint!

It is a platform that can be personalized in a way that perfectly suits the user’s needs. In the basic version, we can group documents in lists, libraries, and on pages. Here we have endless possibilities when it comes to organizing files – we can group them by position, status, or any other criterion. What’s more – we can also take care of the security of personal data during recruitment. Restricting access to individual libraries allows you to protect information from unauthorized persons, and at the same time make it available to those who need it.

Recruitment – how to organize it?

An interesting tool supporting recruitment can also be a workflow in SharePoint. What is this? We described this SharePoint function, but let us remind you what can make it easier for us when it comes to recruiting. Above all, it facilitates teamwork. This is especially important if:

  • we conduct multi-stage recruitment with the participation of many people in the company,
  • we recruit for an external company.

Workflow in SharePoint allows you to set meetings, check the status of the process (including the percentage of completion of individual stages), enter comments, and set a priority, which will work especially when we do not have too much time to find the right candidates.

And maybe you would like to discuss particular candidates or recruitments campaigns? The online tool for teamwork and discussing new ideas and strategies may be a great solution!

Recruitment reporting

How to plan the recruitment well? It’s best to do this by learning from experience! Recruitment reports previously carried out in the company are certainly perfect for this.

How to report recruitment results? It is best to add such a function to the software supporting the search for employees. Thanks to this, we will avoid the laborious writing of results, marking the right candidates, or checking how many CVs we have received. If we have a CV database, a tool that extracts the most necessary information from the documents and presents it in the form of a concise summary of the recruitment process would be useful. The next step is to freely use the most key data and plan subsequent processes based on it. This type of function is also a good tool for measuring the effectiveness of the HR department.

What can be useful for HR once they find the right candidates? About that in the next episode!

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