IT solutions for HR – Part 1

In HR departments, a lot of information and documents need to be processed. For a long time now, file folders and e-mails have not been enough to recruit suitable employees. In addition, it is not easy to meet all the requirements for security and protection of personal data.  

But how do you find the right IT tools for your HR department? What solutions are available on the market that simplify the recruitment process and recruiting management? And how can online recruiting be organized in a meaningful and efficient way?  

Collection and archiving of resumes

Regardless of the form in which applicants send their resumes, whether digital or paper, each individual resume must be stored securely in terms of data protection.  

An intranet tailored to the company’s needs can be helpful here. Regardless of whether this is only required for the HR department or for the entire company: an optimally implemented and individually adapted intranet is almost a must for archiving or exchanging documents.

SharePoint for HR departments

SharePoint is a platform that can be individually integrated into virtually any IT landscape. Depending on which workflows and tools the respective user needs, SharePoint can be adapted to the requirements.  

In the basic version, documents can be grouped into lists, libraries or various sub-pages. This results in a wide range of options for organizing data in a meaningful way. Criteria for grouping can be, for example, job title, position or status. In addition, the security of personal data in SharePoint can be ensured quite easily. By limiting employee access to individual libraries, you can protect information from unauthorized individuals while making it available only to employees who need it.  

Organizing recruiting

A very practical tool to support recruiting can be a workflow in SharePoint. This primarily facilitates collaboration, even beyond your own company. This can be useful when multi-level recruiting is carried out, involving people from different departments or even external companies.   

The workflow in SharePoint makes it easier to schedule meetings, check application status, prioritize or even comment on the individual steps. 

Reporting the application process

As in most fields, the best way to learn is from your own experience. For example, reports on hires that have previously taken place in the company are well suited for this purpose.  

It makes sense here to add such a function to the software used to support recruiting. Companies thus save themselves a lot of effort such as repeatedly writing reports or marking suitable candidates.  

A database for resumes with a tool that extracts the most important information from the documents and presents it in a summarized form can save a lot of time.

How VIALUTIONS can help

As a long-standing Microsoft partner with a great deal of experience in the area of SharePoint, we will work with you to find the solution that best suits your company. We are there to advise you, but also to develop individual solutions.