It's been 10 years now! Vialutions celebrates its birthday

We cannot fully believe it ourselves, but it’s true – Vialutions has been operating on the market for 10 years. It’s a lot or not – it’s hard to judge, but during this time we’ve learned a lot, we’ve had a few ups and downs – as it is in life (including business life). What was it like at the beginning? What changed? 

From the beginning

Andreas Pohling (Vialutions sp. z o.o.) and Andreas Hepfner (Vialutions GmbH) have been working together since 2004. Their cooperation started with a project for Lufthansa Systems and it quickly became clear that they understood each other well enough that the joint company was just a matter of time. Andreas Pohling moved to Wrocław and this is how Vialutions in Poland was founded, closely cooperating with the German sister company – Vialutions GmbH. The idea for the company was simple – creating applications that would expand SharePoint’s capabilities and allow it to be used in a wider range. 

The beginnings in Wrocław were Spartan. We started with three employees in a small room in an office building on Krakowska Street. Over time, the base of Polish customers grew – our solutions were started to be used by such companies as Toyota, Lufthansa, subsidiaries Allianz Capital Partners, DWT, Enercon, and Dole. We also went beyond typical SharePoint solutions, we also developed our products, such as vWork or vGoal

Our tools went not only to Poland or Germany. We have also worked for companies in other European countries and other continents. Our team grew, we gained more and more new, bright minds on board. The cooperation with one of the new clients – NG Engineering – became so much closer than we joined him in the office in Pokoyhof Passage. And that’s where we’re stationed so far. It is here that many of our solutions for various industries were created, here we integrated, here we looked for new ways of development. 

What’s next?

Within 10 years, we have grown into a good team with almost 40 employees in Poland and Germany, a customer base, and – let’s face it – the position of SharePoint experts.
Microsoft’s products are our core and we know them very well. But we are also fascinated by new technologies. We create custom software development tools for our clients. Example? Our client from Germany – Neo Q. Our programming team supports them in the preparation of a diagnostic support tool. And this is only one branch – you can read more about what we are working on, what solutions we have implemented, and which we are particularly proud of in the Case studies tab.

What’s ahead? Certainly, many more exciting projects and challenges! We want to develop, create good, modern solutions. We hope that you will create our future with us!