SharePoint functions

Our SharePoint education continues. We have extensively told about the history of SharePoint, for those who prefer short and to the point we have created the vDictionary cycle in which we introduce the next elements of the platform… Today we will discuss the basic functions of MS SharePoint. This is a handful of practical information that will definitely be useful in understanding what SharePoint is and how it could support your company’s work.

SharePoint structure

The SharePoint platform is not a uniform tool. Yes, it has a certain base – a basic set of functions – but its biggest advantage is the ability to personalize it in such a way that it contains applications tailored to our needs.

Microsoft gives us some basic functions of the platform, but this does not mean that we have to limit ourselves to them. However, let us not anticipate the facts – SharePoint personalized solutions are the topic for the next paragraph, for now, let’s deal with what the basic version platform offers us.

How to work with SharePoint – basic functions

It’s best to discuss SharePoint functions in conjunction with the opportunities that the platform gives us. Let’s check how MS SharePoint can help us with everyday sentences:

  1. Data storage – if after this password you thought that SharePoint is a disk to which we can simply transfer files lying on the computer disk, it’s time to complete your information. SharePoint is not only a virtual company archive – it is a whole structure that can be arranged so that it is easy to find in it.  A useful feature here is the option of grouping files in libraries and placing them on SharePoint pages. These, in turn, can be combined into larger structures – site collections. Thanks to this, files can be grouped according to the criteria we set ourselves – according to projects, teams, topics, chronologically… And for this search function so that you can quickly locate the most needed ones.
  2. Teamwork – if we already have a team page, it is worth thinking about how to use it in joint work. SharePoint, as its name implies, is suitable for sharing files, but also tasks. SharePoint features supporting teamwork include the ability to edit the same document by several people. Of course, with the principles of security of access to information – one of the functions of SharePoint is the ability to secure and share files.
  3. Work organization – in this case, a particularly useful function of MS SharePoint is the ability to create task lists for users, assign them to responsible persons, as well as arranging workflows for the team. Something more? Of course – SharePoint allows you to graphically highlight pages, so you cannot get lost in the structures of the platform.

SharePoint applications – let’s add something from each other!

Yes, what we mentioned in the paragraph above is a lot. You can work comfortably with these SharePoint functions. What if it made it even easier?

We thought about it and created a number of applications and add-ons that streamline and personalize the operation of the platform. These are office solutions – such as vZip and vSend, facilitating the transfer of files directly from SharePoint, but also more complex applications, such as vWork used to monitor working time or a great tool integrating employees – vGoal, which allows social sports betting within the company.

Microsoft SharePoint is flexible enough that with the help of specialists it is easy to supplement it with functions that will match it to our habits and way of working. Why not try?