A, B, C, D… SharePoint solutions for WPD

A, B, C, D… SharePoint solutions for WPD


Every long-term cooperation always begins with a single project. In many cases you could know that vendor will reach our expectations. That’s exactly happened in one of our client’s case. WPD. It is one of the biggest developments, financing, construction and operation of wind farms on land and at sea. WPD became our client 5 years ago and since them our cooperation has been developing. WPD still orders us to create and develop new SharePoint solutions. Because after A comes B, C and D…

A – SharePoint

First, we implemented SharePoint platform. We write about SharePoint as great solution to manage company data many times, but the best confirmation of its usefulness are satisfied clients.

WPD consider SharePoint as good tool and decided to order to Vialutions implementing our products – WebParts and AddOnes which enrich SharePoint work.

The pack of solutions created and implemented by Vialutions has one task – simplify using intranet. Thanks to vBucket, vSend, vZip or vEdit editing and sharing documents are easier and more intuitive. Another Vialutions’ tool – vWork – allows to simply and precise work reporting.

SharePoint and the personalized SharePoint solutions may improve company’s work and communication between employees, especially when they are administrated in a proper way.

B – Training

A next implementation was a challenge. According to the WPD’s guidelines we created some big comprehensive solutions. They based on a SharePoint platform but extended it to custom functions. One of these solutions was Training – tool which has to help with organize and supervise internal training.

WPD has a distributed structure. A part of employees works at the office when some in the windmill platforms, both need a special training to work safely. Because of a big number of workers managing of trainings is difficult to HR department. To make training coordination easier, we create Training.

An employee can check which trainings has to take, sign into them via intranet and complete final tests. A whole process is administrated by authorized HR employee who also can add or remove the user to the training, make new lists of courses and set the intervals of taking trainings for every employee.

Thank to this solution WPD management can be sure that every employee completed trainings in proper term and know how to work safely.

C – Documents management

The larger the company, the more documents it has. Every day WPD manages thousands of files that contain information about individual projects. Even SharePoint libraries do not always allow you to maintain order and easily find the files you need.

In the management of this type of company, it is necessary to locate the necessary documents efficiently – the tools prepared by Vialutions are also useful in this matter.

Our tools, CerID and Upload Rename, allow gaving unique names for each document. Thanks to this, all files generated by the company and placed on the intranet have names created according to the pattern and containing the designation to which they relate.

It is easier to find them, especially if you use our solution – vFilter. You can locate them by entering even the fragment of the title of the document or the name of the project.

With Vialutions, you can also change the file format without the risk of damaging the contents of the document. Replace – a tool that is used for this – also leaves the previous version of the file on the intranet and saves the history of changes made to it.

D – Files transfer

Files exchange between big companies means usually a lot of e-mails and phone calls. It’s difficult and time-consuming, so it’s not surprising WPD looked for a better solution. Another tool we implemented in WPD intranet was Document Transfer.

Thanks to this tool our client can fluently exchange the documents with another firm. Whole process is simple and smart – without zipping and adding the attachments.

E – What’s next? More SharePoint solutions?

Our cooperation is going on. Vialutions experts administer WPD’s SharePoint platform and are ready to create and implement new solutions. We can do it and our client knows that. The alphabet is long after all 🙂

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