SharePoint – what is it and how does it work?

There is no need to introduce the Microsoft Office package to anyone who has ever worked at the office. Word, Excel or PowerPoint are tools used as commonly as a printer or a coffee machine. However, there is an element of the Microsoft Office Universe encountered a little less often – and wrongly! Do you know what SharePoint is and what opportunities it offers to users? If so – great, you know how to improve your work in the company. If not – maybe it’s time to find out how Microsoft’s software can improve the quality of work

How to start?

From the beginning: SharePoint is a platform that allows you to create a company’s intranet.

Before you find that an intranet is not a necessity in your company, keep in mind that this is not just a network version of the bulletin board. It is also a place where you can share information, store documents and manage the work of an enterprise. It’s not a marketing slogan – a well-used SharePoint makes working in a company a new quality. The most important thing is to know its capabilities and be able to use them.
Let’s talk about the most important advantages of SharePoint – just for encouragement.

Creating a library of company documents

SharePoint libraries will accommodate a huge number of company documents. You can organize them because of the subject matter, make available to specific groups of employees, limit their visibility, copy, edit together with other people from the company.

In fact, you can do anything with them with their paper versions … only digitally, faster and without the risk that an important file will be lost or destroyed.

Good organization and transparency of work

When you know where to find individual documents and different versions of them, it’s easier to organize and improve your work. You know yourself – when you do not have to waste time scouring the company’s archive in search of the invoice, subsequent tasks related to its settlement or archiving go much faster. Fast file transfer between employees also improves the quality of work. If we combine all these functions, we will get a comprehensive document management tool.

And what about the transparency of work? For sure you remember the situations in which a document needed to work for a larger group of employees was lost and everyone who had contact with it, complained that he had not seen it for a long time. In SharePoint, such things have no place for such things. You can identify each modification of the file and any person who edited it. It also allows you to work on different versions of documents.

Place for employees

Last, but not least – intranet is a place where you can integrate employees a bit. The photo gallery in SharePoint gives you the opportunity to remind about joint trips and corporate events. There is also the possibility of creating discussion groups for employees – thanks to this, the people employed in the company can talk about where to go out for lunch or set out the details of joint trips, and thus – start to treat the intranet as a common space.

SharePoint – for which kind of company?

The answer is simple – for anyone who wants to control the documents and transfer a large part of the work to the network. The SharePoint platform has something to offer to almost every type of enterprise, regardless of its size or industry.

For a small enterprise, an advantage will be ordered, easily accessible documentation. Of course, this is an advantage also for larger companies, but they will also appreciate the ease of communication that SharePoint provides.

The basic functions of SharePoint are quite sufficient for many companies to improve and simplify the work, but a large part of the users of the platform extends them to solutions that meet their needs.

This does not mean that the options offered by SharePoint do not support the work of the company – they set higher standards of work, and the appetite grows with food. If we have already enjoyed the digitized, easily accessible archive of company documents, we may need a tool that will allow you to collect the necessary files, compress them and send them to people outside the company by e-mail. Because why not make life easier?