The electronic workflow of vacation applications – what, why and how?

The electronic workflow of vacation applications – what, why and how?


Vacation – a nice prospect, right? But before we pack the suitcase and go to the sea or the mountains, we must go through the submission of a vacation application procedure. It is not always easy. Employees sometimes find it hard to believe, but the long and complicated workflow of vacation applications is also an inconvenience for the employer. Why?

The workflow of vacation requests or a labyrinth?

Let’s experience it again: holiday plans first. Let’s experience it again: holiday plans first. We do not talk about the term of vacation. More important is how to schedule holidays to not to interfere with other employees’ holidays or company operations.

What about the forms? If we have a company paper base – it’s great. If we have to look in drawers or go to the frames – it’s a bit worse. What’s next? Approval from the team leader? Collecting all necessary signatures and referring the form to human resources? Last stamp and we can go on a trip. We just get out of the maze.

For employees, such a workflow of vacation applications is problematic – you have to take care of everything yourself, a lot depends on whether you will be a supervisor on site. In turn, the employer is not sure whether the employee will manage to notify him of his vacation plans quickly enough. Also, it cannot be hidden that it is a long, tedious process. Can you do anything about it?

How to improve document workflow in your company?

We thought about it for a long time and we have a few thoughts:

  • Simplify communication – to improve the circulation of documents in your company, you should think about a small revolution among the forms and prints that have always been used. Reviewing used documents and verifying existing procedures will improve the circulation of vacation requests. If we throw out of the process elements that add nothing to it, the delivery of applications can speed up.
  • Reorganize document archiving – of course, storing HR documents is necessary, if only for the sake of controls. However, company archives are not always user-friendly. Maybe it’s not worth clinging to analog solutions and considering a cloud or company intranet? We have already written about the advantages of the latter, but if you are looking for a good way to archive other than piles of files, you should consider such a solution.
  • Enter the electronic circulation of vacation requests in the company – expensive and complicated? Not necessarily! Imagine that you are all the way described in the previous paragraph from your computer.

The electronic flow of vacation requests – how does it work?

You go to the appropriate intranet tab, select the “Submit a vacation application” option and click. You see all the information you need – how many days of vacation you can still take this year or who should accept your application. You choose the type of vacation, mark the first and last day and send it to your supervisor. And voila – the request to leave lands with your supervisor.

The next steps are already on his side. His task is to accept the application or reject it, but in each situation, you immediately receive a message. Your vacation is marked on the calendar. All employees know when not to overwhelm you with questions and emails. Canceling or changing the date of the holiday is carried out in the same mode. So, as you can see, quite simply.

How does the electronic workflow of vacation applications look from the employer’s perspective? Equally simple: employee requests are visible on the intranet. The supervisor can check whether the client for whom his subordinate works have been notified of the planned vacation and whether he does not mind. He may include the HR department in the vacation approval process. He also fully coordinates the process of moving or canceling holidays. At any time, he can check which employee is on vacation and when he will come back. We remind you: without having to make phone calls to customers, in one place on the intranet.

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