The electronic workflow of vacation requests

The prospect of a vacation is nice, but before we can pack our suitcase and head to the sea or the mountains, we usually have to go through a vacation application process. This is not always easy. Not only for employees, but also for the employer, the long and complicated vacation application process is unpleasant.

The workflow of vacation requests

Vacation planning is important. The availability of employees and substitutes must be guaranteed. Workflows as well as the company’s operations must continue to function.

For employees, an “old-fashioned” workflow of vacation requests is often problematic and burdensome. Forms must be searched for and filled out, approvals and signatures must be collected. For the employer, in turn, there is no guarantee that the employee will actually inform him quickly enough about his vacation plans.

Optimizing the workflow of documents

Simplification of communication  

To improve the circulation of documents in your company, you should review forms that have been used to date. In addition, it should be clarified whether certain parts of the application process are really necessary or can be omitted.

Reorganization of document archiving  

Of course, filing HR documents is necessary for control reasons alone. However, corporate archives are not always user-friendly. Perhaps it’s not worth clinging to analog solutions, but instead thinking about organizing them in a cloud or a company intranet?

Handling vacation requests digitally in the future does not necessarily involve high costs or great effort, but it can save a lot of time, effort and frustration.

Vacation requests on the intranet - our solution

You go to the appropriate tab of the intranet, select the option “Submit leave request” and click. You will see all the information you need – how many vacation days you can still take this year or who should accept your request. You choose the type of leave, mark the first and last day, and send it to your supervisor.

The next steps are taken by the supervisor. He can now accept or reject the request, you will be notified immediately afterwards. Approved leave is marked directly in the calendar. Cancellation or change of the leave date is done in the same way.

What does the electronic workflow of leave requests look like from the employer’s point of view? It’s just as simple: employees’ requests are visible on the intranet. The supervisor can check, for example, whether the customer for whom his subordinate employees work has been informed about the planned vacation and whether he has no objections. He can also involve the HR department in the leave approval process. The supervisor also fully coordinates the process of rescheduling or canceling leave. He can check at any time which employee is on vacation and when he will return.

With our solution, everything is clearly located in one place on the intranet.

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