Closer and closer to Christmas – vAdvent and SharePoint

The Christmas atmosphere is an expression that you for sure hear all the time in December. However, the closer to December 24, the more often we think about Christmas. What does the employer should do – calling for focus or on the contrary – give them something that will help orient the Christmas mood?

vAdvent in the SharePoint – a small surprise every day

We assume that SharePoint is not the first choice when it comes to Christmas preparations. This is understandable – we know that it is used primarily to organize and store documents. This, however, does not exhaust all its possibilities. Have you ever heard of vAdvent?

This is our solution – Advent calendar for SharePoint users. How it’s working? Quite simply. vAdvent to web part – we have already written about what this term means. We install it on the SharePoint platform that your company uses. The rest is up to you – a few arrangements and you can encourage employees to use vAdvent.

And what does it look like from the employee’s side? On December 1, a panel with a calendar appears on the intranet. Every day, SharePoint users can click another window and receive a small gift from the company. It can be a link to an interesting page, the next stage of training, vouchers or discounts to stores – whatever the employer deems appropriate.

vAdvent has impatient security: you can unlock only one window each day. Thanks to this, firstly – you can supplement them regularly, and secondly – it maintains the mood of expectation. Every day closer to Christmas!

But what for?

Of course, the Advent calendar is a nice gesture towards employees, but let’s not forget that waiting for Christmas together has other functions.
A small daily gift shows that the employer wants the employee to feel good in the company. Joint countdown of days to the ceremony is also integration 🙂

What’s more, the end of the year is often a nervous period in the company, and little support every day will certainly improve the mood among employees.

Another important issue should not be overlooked – vAdvent shows that SharePoint is not a difficult, complicated technology, but a useful and simple tool.

The effort on the part of the employer is negligible, the employees are happy and the holidays are closer. What do you think – worth it?