vDictionary – Microsoft Teams

Of the solutions proposed by Microsoft, we’ve already discussed SharePoint many times, so it’s time for the silent hero product of recent weeks. What are we talking about? Microsoft Teams!

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft’s messenger is certainly known to SharePoint users. It is a good complement to the intranet when quick contact with other team members is necessary. Yes, communication with colleagues is the basic function of this type of tool, but also, MS Teams gives the user more options:

  • File sharing – when we work under time pressure, this option gives us a lot more benefits than traditional emails: file transfer is faster, but it is also easier to discuss them regularly,
  • Dedicated conversations – Teams allows not only to exchange messages with one co-worker but also to group interlocutors. Thematic conversations make it much easier for smaller teams to work, and Microsoft Teams enables creating groups focused around specific projects,
  • Conferences – sometimes discussing chat matters is not enough. Audio and video conferences are also one of the Teams options – useful especially if there are delegations, working at the client’s office or home office in the company.

Along with the development of the platform, there were more amenities on it. We can use the calendar, invite other employees to meetings, share files with all application users.

Microsoft is still working on Teams: to improve the sound quality during conferences, adding new options. However, it is already a great, comprehensive tool supporting communication in a company.

How to install Microsoft Teams?

MS Teams is an application available in principle for people who subscribe to the Office365 service. Microsoft makes sure that its products are easy to use, which is why it has posted detailed instructions on how to install Microsoft Teams on its website.