vDictionary – Office 365

Everyone who has dealt with office work knows Microsoft Office. Word, Excel or the highlight of the office presentations – PowerPoint – are tools without which it is currently difficult to imagine work. Is Office 365 a better choice? How is it different from the Microsoft Office suite on which the functioning of offices was based?

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a suite of office applications created by Microsoft. It contains mainly:

  • Word,
  • Excel,
  • PowerPoint,
  • Outlook
  • OneNote
  • Publisher.

Also, Office 365 includes Exchange Server, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams messenger and Skype for Business. This is a set of programs that can also be found in the Microsoft Office, but there is a fundamental difference – Office 365 allows you to use these solutions in the cloud.

Office applications in the cloud

What does it mean? An employee has access to the application from any place or device. This increases the company’s capabilities. Employees can work from anywhere and no important thing should be missed – they can save documents and other files in the cloud, check who last edited them, and put them on the intranet. Thanks to Teams and Skype, they can stay in touch with other employees.

An office wherever you can use the internet – is your company interested in this solution? If so, please contact us!