vDictionary – SharePoint list

You may already know the structure of Share Point from the previous vDictionary article. However, what is the difference between a site and a list in SharePoint? How is the library doing this? Is the site something completely different? To refresh the memory, the small graphics below:

What is a SharePoint list?

As you can see, MS SharePoint has a tree structure, in other words – hierarchical. This means that the entire application is divided into smaller structures, i.e. collections of sites, and sites in turn into subsequent segments, depending on the construction and purpose called lists, libraries or pages.
Today we will try to explain what a SharePoint list is. The easiest way is one of the smallest elements of SharePoint, used to sort and store data. It has a transparent, bright layout, reminiscent of a table – as below:

It’s a good way to store simple information. As the name suggests, the data is arranged in the form of a list: the data is arranged in columns and rows, which is why it is a great tool for organizing not very extensive databases, for example, basic employee data, task lists or useful links.

SharePoint offers users templates by which to create lists. However, if there is a need to personalize them and adapt them to the needs of users, experienced SharePoint developers can easily create the necessary solutions.