vDictionary – SharePoint

What is SharePoint?

It’s a platform supporting the daily work of the company. It consists of many applications that allow you to transfer some of the company processes to the intranet. What can be improved thanks to SharePoint?

– document management – in SharePoint you can easily create a company archive, divided into folders according to any criteria. Each department or team can have its website where employees can find, edit, archive and share files.

Access to documents is possible from any computer or mobile device. Thanks to this, remote or off-site work is possible anywhere, anytime.

– document archiving – SharePoint libraries contain almost any number of files in various formats. Word, Excel, PDF – all these documents can be sorted according to selected criteria. You can create a list of documents assigned to

– communication in the company – SharePoint is a place where people employed in the company can work together. The platform allows editing documents with the preservation of older versions and the history of modifying the file.

Also, SharePoint acts as an intranet, thanks to which the exchange of information between employees, even in a large team, is much easier and faster.

SharePoint’s functions can be easily modified to suit the user’s needs. It is also available as cloud services.