vGoal – how to integrate a team using SharePoint

vGoal – how to integrate a team using SharePoint


SharePoint simplifies the work of the company – it is obvious for each of its users. It is a great platform for information exchange, simplifies communication, allows you to create a knowledge base for employees … In a word, it is quite a versatile tool. What if they were to use them to strengthen the ties between employees? Of course, it’s difficult if we use the basic version of the platform for this. So he can use non-standard solutions such as vGoal.

vGoal? What is it?

vGoal is a transparent and easy-to-use application that allows you to make social sports bets among your employees. It is adapted to support football competitions, so it is understandable that the greatest interest arises during the European and World Cup championships.

To the point – how does it look in practice? An employee who wants to take part in the game has access to vGoal via the SharePoint platform. Let’s assume that he is really interested in football, keeps track of the game and knows when the team he is supporting is playing. Before each match, he analyzes the situation (or seems to be intuition – it can be also good tactic!) and enters the expected outcome of the games that take place that day.

The employee can watch the match, now the role of the administrator begins, which enters the actual result of the match into the system. The program automatically calculates the number of points awarded and updates the place in the ranking.

The competition continues. As the championships continue, there are more and more points, and sometimes the result of one or two games may determine the winning of one of the people who participate in the game.




What’s in it for me?

Checking changes in the ranking, discussions about the course of the match, comparing points – all this makes employees become a well-integrated team, gain common topics and, what’s important, they can get to know each other better. This guarantees a good atmosphere in the company.

From the employer’s point of view, the effort is insignificant and the effects can go beyond your expectations. SharePoint becomes a friendlier place for employees, they start to talk to each other not only about business matters. Is that not enough reason to try?

Is vGoal complicated to use?

Absolutely not. Our solution does not require an internet connection, it is integrated with SharePoint, and the installation does not pose any difficulties. It is only necessary to indicate the administrator, who will determine how many points should be awarded for the correct selection of the winner, the trend and the exact result, and also after each match will enter its result into the system. You can leave the rest to the program and cheer on your favorite team 🙂

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