Vialutions 2020 – what we did and how are we?

That was a strange year, wasn’t it?  When we look at it, it’s hard for us to believe how much has happened! As every year in December, we make a small summary and share with you what we have 😊

  1. Last year we talked about our large project – innovative software supporting medical diagnostics. We are still working on it, but we hope that doctors will soon be able to use it in their daily practice. This tool is the next step to the digital transformation, and we are proud to be part of it.
  2. Our cooperation with regular customers, such as Dole or Toyota factories in Poland, is doing well – we not only maintain the solutions that we created for them earlier but also implement new applications. Examples? A budgeting application, a system for generating waybills, or a repair register – these solutions supported the work of our clients this year. And that’s not our last word!
  3. 2020 is also the year of new Vialutions service – consulting services in the field of Microsoft 365. The new Microsoft solution replaced the previous Office 365. We can be proud of the title of Microsoft’s Silver Partner, so consulting on matters related to its latest products is a natural step forward for us.
  4. Migration is another slogan of the passing year. We conducted it for our client, a large company dealing with an extremely interesting field – we can’t wait to tell you about it!
  5. We have released our proprietary product! Yes, we are talking about vKaizen – a work improvement application based on the traditional Japanese Kaizen methodology. You surely haven’t missed our article about its functioning, but just in case we are still linking it here. Read on – we are proud of how we managed to combine the principles of this philosophy and new technologies!
  6. We have refreshed our older applications. It is worth mentioning here about vGoal – a great tool for team integration via the intranet. Don’t you believe it’s possible? And yet! The European Football Championship is approaching and the application for friendly sports betting among employees allows you to unite the team and liven up the atmosphere in the company a bit, especially after a long and certainly arduous lockdown!

This is our market activity. What about Vialutions in private? As for all companies – it was a demanding year. Most of the time we worked remotely and although this form of work is not scary for us, we had to develop a new way of operating. We don’t want to brag, but we did it – the right equipment, technical support and, above all, the willingness to cooperate made the projects go according to plan 😊 what’s more – we enlarged our office a bit and our team grew by a lot of new people – not only programmers and testers but also a specialist in the Sales & Marketing team and sales specialists at Vialutions GmBH.

Something else? Of course! This interesting year was our tenth anniversary, which we celebrated in September! It was a great opportunity to meet and we are delighted that we had the opportunity before the coronavirus hit again.

Despite difficult circumstances, it was a fruitful year for us. Thank you to everyone who supported us and see you in 2021!