vKaizen – a few clicks for easier work

vKaizen – a few clicks for easier work


Something is wrong with the way you work. A small thing that can be easily corrected, a small thing that can be done differently to keep the work going faster and more efficiently. Do any of the following sound familiar? 

  1. TALK TO YOUR BOSS You arrange a meeting with the manager. It may take time since his calendar is full. Eventually, you come to his office, explain your idea, he nods, then … it spreads to the bones. It is difficult to identify a person responsible for a specific task, responsibility is blurred, somehow good ideas get lost among everyday duties.
  2. WRITE YOUR IDEA You have at your disposal a box where you can put ideas written on a piece of paper for improving your work. It is standing in the middle of the corridor and you promise yourself every day that you will describe your idea exactly and present it to the management. In the end, when you leave, you find a piece of paper and a pencil, transfer your thoughts to paper. You are in hurry, you are writing it quickly, but well, such a description should be enough, shouldn’t it? A few weeks later, your bosses and HR specialist are looking over your note, and after a few attempts to guess what exactly you wanted to say, they throw it into the trash. Well, you tried.
  3. ENTER YOUR IDEA IN EXCEL Excel! Every employee’s friend! Here the matter will certainly be simple, after all, there is nothing easier than to enter the description of the idea in the appropriate fields, write down … Aha. In the meantime, a few more people checked the file, entered their suggestions, deleted some cells, the document got a little messy. I guess it’s gone. Otherwise – an excel sheet just for you! You complete it, print it, and deliver it to the supervisor. The card ends up on a pile of similar ones and … that’s it. That was the Toyota factory in Wałbrzych case – and how did it end?

If at this point you’ve thought “Not worth it” and put your good ideas in a drawer, you mustn’t have heard of vKaizen. If you are the boss and you have just realized how many improvements have been lost despite the best intentions of you and your employees – you should also check out this solution.

vKaizen – how to effectively introduce changes in the company?

Do you think reporting improvements to your business can only end up like this? While working on vKaizen, we asked ourselves the same question and found the answer – no!
We have analyzed the traditional kaizen system used by one of our clients and based on it we have developed a simple tool to improve the improvement submission process.

How it’s working?

The employee noticed the possibility of introducing improvements in the work of the company. Through his vKaizen account, he has access to the form. There, he can accurately describe the whole idea, attach screenshots, photos, or other materials that illustrate his proposal. He chooses a location, an area of ​​the company’s activity in which its improvement could help, tags, and assigns people who know the matter and could comment on your idea.

What’s next? People assigned to an idea can discuss it thoroughly, suggest changes, evaluate it, and finally the reported kaizen is sent to the supervisor. You can still follow the fate of your suggestion – in the system you can check the status of your application and see if it was implemented. Best of all – the availability of the application speeds up the entire process. So, making your work easier is at your fingertips. 




How does it look from the manager’s site?

It’s just as easy! New improvement notifications can be checked at any time in the application, but also each new kaizen will be notified by e-mail. In vKaizen, a well-described idea awaits them – they know who submitted it, what exactly it concerns, and how they can help employees do their job better. They can evaluate the suggestion, add their comments, talk to employees, ask for details. He sees the people responsible for implementing the suggestions and starting the process of implementing an idea in just a few clicks. Is there an easier way to improve your work?




What can we say – simplifying procedures and removing obstacles at work benefits everyone in the company. Why not take advantage of it when a good solution is at your fingertips? Contact us and use the demo version of vKaizen or arrange a presentation. We are happy to tell you about all the functions of it 🙂

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