What are we doing here? Part 2 – Backend

Okay, we know what a frontend is and how to build a “frontend”. What about the second part? How is it that we enter data into the application, and it processes it and provides us with the results of this analysis? These are the questions for the backend developer. We can explain what a backend developer does and how much is needed 😊

What is a backend?

And we start with the basics again. It is impossible to explain what exactly a backend developer does without explaining what a backend is. The simplest – this is exactly what we would see if we looked deep into the application or page. It is all these processes and mechanisms that make its functions work properly. Sounds impressive? Sure! And the most important thing is that the backend is sometimes long weeks of working on a function the operation of which seems quite easy to the user!

Something else? Of course – these are the databases that are used to create a website or application, as well as its maintenance. For it to work properly, you need to optimize the code from time to time, update functions and plugins, and sometimes redo some areas on the page regularly. This is also a job for a backend developer.

Who is a backend developer?

After this introduction, probably everyone can already say what a backend developer does. In short – creating an application from the engine, logic, and rules by which it works. He works closely with the frontend developer – the result of their joint work is a functional program that works flawlessly and has a clear, readable structure and function.

Backend – technologies

In the case of the backend, tools and databases are equally important. At Vialutions, we focus primarily on: