What did we do in 2019?

The year 2020 has already begun, we have started new projects, but we are looking forward to 2019 with satisfaction. It was interesting and challenging. We worked on many interesting solutions and implemented several products and improvements that we are really happy with. Do you want to learn more? Here is a small overview of the most interesting solutions of 2019!

Improvement of Kaizen

Kaizen is our unique solution for the Toyota factory in Wałbrzych. We have already written about how exactly it works and how Toyota uses it, but here is a summary:

Toyota values the feedback and implementation ideas of its employees. To collect suggestions from people closest to production, they use Kaizen – a system for reporting and verifying concepts for improvement. Our task was to realize and implement the electronic version of Kaizen. Production plant employees can identify issues that need improvement and propose solutions in a special system that works with the company’s intranet.

In 2019, we implemented the electronic version of Kaizen at another Toyota factory – in Jelcz-Laskowice. The fact that our version of Kaizen is accepted in subsequent production plants is a sign for us that the logic and design of the project meet the needs of our client. Each time it’s a lot of satisfaction!

We have also added the module to the basic Kaizen version – Kaizen Idea. Thanks to it, employees can submit not only ready solutions but also solution projects. How is it different from the classic Kaizen? Sometimes we come across a solution that we know would work great, but we can’t implement it at the moment. It’s best to save them then and come back when we can complete them. This is how the Kaizen idea works. On the intranet, you can “hang” a ready idea for a solution and implement it in favorable circumstances.

CRM and Toyota budgeting tool

2019 was Toyota’s year. In addition to Kaizen, we also implemented a tool for issuing waybills at the Jelcz-Laskowice factory. With it, you can easily edit and create waybills for any routes. In a company such as Toyota, which is constantly undergoing the process of sending parts production, it is particularly valuable – the rapid issuing of waybills makes shipping much easier. More information? We wrote more about CRM here.

We also spent the previous year working on a budgeting tool. The more information is coming, but believe us – this is an interesting solution!

Solution for the medical industry

Last year, we also started work on a large project for the medical industry. We’ve involved the forces of a large part of the team in it, delving into the latest technologies such as microservices, Angular or .NET Core … We see the effects and we can’t wait to be able to talk about them in more detail.

Software consulting and testing for Lufthansa

Lufthansa needs no introduction. This is one of the most popular European airlines. During the year, over 55 million travelers travel on Lufthansa planes! Each of them could accumulate points or miles so far depending on the type of travel and the class they flew. This is a complicated process, which is why Lufthansa decided to simplify it and provide its customers with a new way of counting points for using their services.

Changing the system after 20 years is a big challenge. It was necessary to think carefully over the structure of over 20 applications, make many changes in them, as well as test each new process and correct any errors. That was our task. The new Lufthansa status program will come into force in January 2021, and we make sure that everything works fine.

Is that all? Whence! We have modernized our older products (for example vAdvent), we have started new cooperation … and we will continue it in 2020 🙂