What is a nearshoring?

What is a nearshoring?


Building your own IT team is a long and complicated process. Composing a bunch of people whose skills complement each other can be a challenge. What if we need unusual tools or programming languages in the project? Are we going to require developers to learn them? We do not think it is a very good solution – you will break down the composition of the team, disperse the programmers, and we will probably not get the level we are satisfied with.

So what if our team is too small, we need specialized skills or someone with a specific role, for example, a business analyst or project manager? A good solution may be to outsource employees from outside the company. What about nearshoring?

What is nearshoring?

If you associate the word “nearshoring” with fishing, this is quite the right direction. It means “fishing near the shore” and works great as a metaphor for programmers being on the loan. This type of outsourcing has one important feature: geographic and cultural proximity to the country or region where the outsourced team comes from. Contrary to offshoring, which involves, for example, the employment of an Indian team by a company from the Netherlands, nearshoring involves the exchange of experiences in the closest cultural circle.

Advantages of nearshoring

When we find out what is nearshoring, our first thought may be “a team from a neighboring country or the other hemisphere – what’s the difference?” However, several factors make it worthwhile to decide to involve a team that is a little closer geographically.

  • Better communication – theoretically, the distance between the countries where the cooperating companies are located should not matter, especially in times of remote work. However, it is much easier to arrange an appointment or get regular meetings daily if you work in the same or a similar time zone.
  • Fewer formalities – when it comes to nearshoring in Europe, we can consider the fact that the legal systems of European Union countries are similar, and it is also easier to find an accountant specializing in tax regulations of neighboring countries. The issue of holidays and days off is also similar, which is of great importance when it comes to organizing work.

Nearshoring in Poland

There are many renowned technical universities in Poland, the level of IT education is also at such a high level that Polish programmers are becoming more and more desirable employees in European countries. Three years ago, Poland was ranked 3rd in the world in the HackerRank ranking in terms of the quality of development services provided. A comprehensive, very interesting analysis of this result can be read on, but it is impossible not to notice that many Western European companies chose Poland as their partner when it comes to outsourcing tasks. Will this situation develop? It’s worth watching!

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