What is nearshoring?

Most companies are now aware of the need to digitize. Accelerated by the pandemic, it has become increasingly apparent that digital solutions are essential for teams or departments to collaborate. Making information and workflows available and transparent for everyone at all times is still a major challenge. Often, in-house capacities and know-how are missing. The concept of nearshoring can be the solution here. 

Outsourcing of IT projects

These additional IT requirements can be met by outsourcing, e.g., through managed services and outsourcing. In addition to operations, software development departments can also be relieved by outsourcing, in some cases considerably, so that innovation and performance increases become possible. In intra-European nearshoring, cultural and language barriers are low and thus acceptance within the companies is high. Cooperation is simple and efficient due to the same – or at least similar – time zones and modern agile development methods, and English is the standard common project language in IT.

Nearshoring with VIALUTIONS

For more than 10 years, VIALUTIONS has been your competent partner as an IT service provider. We have recognized that IT departments in companies are often designed for day-to-day workloads, such as operation and support of existing systems. If there is capacity to hire developers, skilled employees are often hard to find. VIALUTIONS has a large pool of software developers from various specialties through partnerships built on trust. This means that we can work closely together to support you on projects of all kinds.

VIALUTIONS offers German and English language requirements and project management. No matter where your company is located, with VIALUTIONS you always have access to first-class specialists. Our unique constellation with a Germany-wide organizational and support structure and Polish specialists for technical issues, ensures your project success.

Choose your solution:

  • Team Leasing / Specialists Outsourcing
  • Managed Services
  • Projects & System Integration

Technology stack

  • Software development Web- / .Net C# developments
  • ECM: (Microsoft SharePoint / OpenText ECM Suite / Siemens TeamCenter)
  • Cloud (AWS / Microsoft SharePoint 365 / Azure)
  •  IT infrastructure management and service desk
  • Management of applications
  • Testing / Quality Management
  • Engineering