What is the Azure Marketplace?

What is the Azure Marketplace?


How to find the right add-in for SharePoint? Where to buy it? How do you make sure it will be suitable for the version you are using? How to verify a supplier? If you’re looking for good solutions to extend the features of Microsoft tools, it’s best to look at Microsoft’s official commerce platform – Azure Marketplace or Microsoft AppSource.

Microsoft commercial platform

Microsoft makes sure that the applications that will extend its tools meet certain requirements. With this in mind, he created a platform for his partners – independent solution providers – where they can create and publish application offers.

It is available in more than 100 countries and makes buying apps significantly easier for companies, organizations, and government agencies almost all over the world, including tax issues.

What is the Azure Marketplace?

Azure Marketplace is one of the platforms through which you can buy solutions suitable for Microsoft tools. It is designed primarily to showcase services for developers, administrators, and IT professionals primarily consulting and managed services. However, apart from that, you will find applications that can also be useful in the daily operation of the company.

Offering on the Azure Marketplace what does it look like?

Each solution offered on the Azure Marketplace has its own subpage. You will find there all the necessary information: the company that created it, the name, a detailed description of the solution, its functions, user and administrator manuals, user reviews, or instructional videos. What does that give us? The opportunity to gain accurate, comprehensive knowledge of the solution even before you buy and to check the opinions of other users!

What are the benefits of selling on Azure Marketplace?

For IT solution providers, quite significant:

  • verification and authentication as an official Microsoft Partner,
  • a simple, clear, detailed offer, available to anyone interested in extending the functionality of Microsoft tools,
  • access to new markets and segments, new marketing and sales opportunities,
  • fast and convenient transactions,
  • Microsoft support at every stage of registration on the platform.

Azure Marketplace is a great solution not only for application providers but also for people looking for the right solution. We can be sure that all the tools that go into the platform are tested and verified from various angles to meet MS standards. Do we need better assurance that the application will simply work in our environment?

We too have put our app vKaizen on the Azure Marketplace. Look how it looks!

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