Why do you need an intranet?

What do you think of when you think of a common place at corporate headquarters? Probably the kitchen or the conference room. Probably no one thinks of the intranet at first. Not all companies use such a solution, but it can certainly be a virtual platform that connects employees and facilitates communication and collaboration.

Intranet - what is that?

The intranet can best be compared to a website or social networking platform. It is an application to which all employees have access. Although the layout or content may vary, the intranet functions are essentially the same: they allow communication between employees, collecting and organizing documents, contacts or training materials, and much more.

Knowledge database for employees

The intranet is an excellent tool for making information material available to employees. It is worth making sure that the layout is clear and navigation on the intranet site is transparent. If the files stored in it are to facilitate work, every employee should be able to find them easily. Searching for the necessary data should not take longer than the work itself.

Platform for the exchange of information

The intranet works well as pinboard 2.0. A highly visible bookmark with messages is very useful for employees. But the platform can also be a place for co-creation. If the possibilities are there for employees to place different types of files, the intranet can be a place for sharing knowledge and experience.

Employee integration tool

If we already give employees the ability to post service documents, why not give them a place to discuss issues related to work? The intranet not only has space for discussion groups, but also for solutions that a team can easily integrate – vGoal, for example. Documents for onboarding new employees can also be stored in a clear and easy-to-find manner.

Intranet for companies

The above benefits have a common goal: to promote contact and exchange between employees. Therefore, it is important to publish interesting, useful and up-to-date content. Above all, however, the intranet should also be user-friendly.

It makes no sense to overwhelm users with too much confusing information. To make an intranet easy to use, a user-friendly interface, simple navigation and suitable plugins should be provided. The question is – what kind of plugins does a company need? This is a question for specialists and we will be happy to help you choose the right plugins or tools or develop them for you.