What is workflow?

Workflow? What is this? Is this another future word that does not mean much? If we meet this concept for the first time, it’s easy to think like that.

In fact, a workflow is part of the functioning of every company. Moreover, each company has quite a lot of that kind of processes! No matter we know what workflow is – often the whole company’s work depends on it. So, let’s know what we’re dealing with.

Fight for holiday, or how does workflow work?

Maybe first a bit of theory. The definition of workflow is simple – it is the flow of information between persons or units involved in a specific cycle of activities. This name is also used to determine the automation of business processes and the program that is used to organize work. Sounds foreign? But, regardless of what you do at work, your tasks are also a workflow element. Let’s see that on the example.

In every company there is a holiday procedure. Even if it has not been described in a separate document, it is known and used. How else should we make sure that we can go to the sea or mountains in due time?

It usually looks like this: at the beginning of the year, the employee marks the days he would like to spend outside of work and submits a vacation plan to the superior.  The manager accepts the plan or agrees for another date. The next step is to complete the vacation form. The accepted document goes to HR, and the employee can start preparing for the holidays.

Do you know the process? Congratulations – you know exactly what a workflow is! You also know how difficult can be submitting a vacation form when you have to your disposal only paper documents, e-mail, and telephone.

How to improve a workflow?

We know that every workflow is a component of the company’s activity and we can take care of its improvement. The question is – how to do it?

First – sort out. If the process has to go smooth, its rules must be clear and understandable to all those who take part in them. The cycle is effective if every user knows what to do and how the cycle is effective. And that’s the point!

A described workflow should be addressed to the employees of the company. If they prefer to read the regulations or a list written in points – no problem. However, most often it is written as a graph – it is easier and friendlier to read and understand.

Second – to modernize. Thanks to modern technology, many processes that were based on paper applications, applications or Excel sheets can be carried out using appropriate tools and computer systems.

Workflow on the intranet

What are the advantages of digitizing workflow? Significant enough to consider this option. First of all, we save time and limit work. All necessary activities can be done using the appropriate software. You do not need to print forms, look for superiors, wonder where to take your application. A few clicks and a task are done.

Transferring the workflow to the intranet allows you also to control it. It is much easier to verify the effectiveness of actions if you can check what stage the case is going at and what actions have been taken. It would be a nice change after fixing all issues by phone or email, right?

If you feel that transferring company processes to the intranet would make your work easier, contact your specialists. Their experience will allow transferring the workflow to the intranet in the best way. The first step is a precise analysis of the way the company operates. Introducing new procedures in the company just to be able to fill them on the intranet is just pointless. The workflow in the intranet should reflect the activities that are actually performed in the company. We do not want a revolution in the company – we are interested in an evolution towards greater usability.