Document management for CACEIS

CASEIS is an asset servicing provider and was supported by us in the areas of IT administration and document management.

Initial situation

CASEIS uses SharePoint as an intranet. SharePoint offers various tools and applications for the management and organization of documents. Often, the use of a multitude of tools leads to a document structure that has grown up over time becoming unorganized and confusing. This naturally causes frustration and delays in work processes. Our challenge was to unify the documents and integrate them into a database in a meaningful way.


CACEIS therefore asked us to introduce a uniform document management system. We initially provided support in defining the requirements for functionality and design. Another point to be clarified was access management. After this preliminary work came the actual migration of all documents to the new system.

On the one hand, it was important to CACEIS that the documents could be clearly stored and managed. On the other hand, the customer wanted a way to discuss content within the team. For this purpose, we developed a review tool: this allows files to be forwarded to a group of people. They can then give feedback. All comments that employees have made in the documents can be viewed by the shared group.


The migration of a large amount of data to SharePoint and the implementation of the DMS was a lengthy process full of challenges. Although CACEIS has a large team of developers, the project management and coordination of the migration process had to be planned and coordinated: this is where VIALUTIONS was able to support with expertise and know-how. We also created the IT infrastructure for the opening of a new CACEIS branch in Frankfurt and took care of the IT administration and migration.