The plan is the essence – vWork and vPlan

How do you think – is there company which doesn’t need any plan or any allocation of tasks? Or are there any employees who at the end of the week or month, on their own initiative tell the boss what they were doing? Perhaps yes. But how often do you meet a situation like this? Most companies need some help to make their work well-organized.  And when we talk about help, it’s definitely about some of our solutions – vWork and vPlan.

vWork – what did you do today?

We hope that we already remove your doubts over an intranet. On our website, we wrote also advantages of the digitalized workflow. A lot of companies have these two solutions. But have they already done everything to improve their work? Not exactly.

In addition to transferring company processes to the intranet, you can also help yourself with the right tools – like the vWork.

It works in a very simple way – it’s a SharePoint add-on integrated with the platform. Thanks to it every employee who has access to the company’s intranet can save tasks that he has done and the time he has spent on them.

First of all, vWork is a tool for recording work in individual projects. Each user is assigned to the projects in which he participates and saves, how much time he has spent working in each of them. The program automatically counts the working hours of each employee and the number of hours worked.

Ok, we know which projects employed in the company are working on. How else can vWork help us? Thanks to such a precise record of tasks, the employer or supervisor can find out when the employee will need the support in the project or which tasks he performs particularly quickly. Besides that, our tool allows checking what resources have been used to implement the project. This is valuable information for each leader – thanks to them you can better plan future projects.

vWork also allows you to generate reports. Not only can you organize information about the time it took to execute a specific order, individual activities or entire projects, but also the company’s resources that were used. Personalized reports can be generated as a PDF file ready to be printed and signed by the client or an Excel file for HR or accounting.

What else? Invoices for clients! Thanks to reports, you can quickly and easily create a statement for the customer and issue an invoice. No estimation – it is known exactly how much time the company has worked for the client.

vPlan – see if you can get it

Thanks to vWork, you know the capabilities of your team and you have information which resources you need to continue the project. But you would like to deal with something completely new and you do not know whether to prepare for it. Do you know that you can check it out before you start any work?

You can do it using vPlan – a comprehensive project management system in SharePoint. We created it based on our and our customers’ experiences. So we know that it includes all the elements needed by everyone who wants to start the new project.

vPlan allows you to test your intended projects in controlled conditions. You can look at the next steps, manage the work of departments and teams, check the work schedule if part of the team will not be able to participate in it. It is also easy to check what resources should be prepared for the work to proceed smoothly.

Good organization of the project and proper planning of work are two factors, without which it is very difficult to maintain good company performance. Many entrepreneurs are aware of this, but they do not know how to optimize these processes.

If you are also looking for a way to plan and monitor your work in the company, try vWork and vPlan. Both tools complement each other – first, you can try your assumptions in vPlan and then control its implementation thanks to vWork.

We provide test versions of products – would you like to try them?