INAPS – Invoice Management

Invoice receipt at a large German insurance company - "INAPS"


The investment subsidiary of a large German insurance group is the group’s leading asset manager and provider of alternative equity investments with a focus on private equity, infrastructure and renewable energy investments with distributed locations (e.g. Munich, London, Luxembourg, New York, Singapore).  


In order to be able to handle the daily growing number of incoming e-mails with invoices, an electronic invoice receipt processing system was to be introduced. At the same time, processing procedures were to be optimized (both qualitatively and quantitatively) and made both transparent and audit-proof 


VIALUTIONS developed the invoice management system ‘INAPS’ based on ABBYY ‘FlexiCapture‘. INAPS reads in incoming invoices, analyzes the content and then stores them in a structured way in the incoming invoice ledger in SharePoint based on the extracted metadata. According to the stored roles of the office group, responsible employees are notified and then process the invoice in the web application. The subsequent release (“Approval“) of the invoices can be done, among other things, simply by sending an e-mail to the authorized persons (“Approvers“). Within the (standard) e-mail, the approvers can simply approve or reject (“Approve” / “Reject“) and, if necessary, comment on this. Further processing and filing is done automatically 


Every employee involved can process his or her tasks mobile, quickly, securely and easily – and completely without installing additional client software. The status of all documents, invoices and protocols can be traced at any time, are upto-date and are audit-proof after filing 



  • Definition of the target architecture  
  • Setting up the development environment
  • Development of the core services in the backend  
  • Development of the frontend
  • Implementation of ABBYY FlexiCapture in SharePoint


  • Application area: worldwide  
  • Effort in project days approx.: ~276
  • Number of pot. Users: ~200 


  • SharePoint Farm solution project
  • .Net Framework
  • Abbyy Flexicapture Invoice recognition


  • HTML-5 / CSS
  • JavaScript / JQuery