vGoal – soccer bet fun with Microsoft Teams

SharePoint facilitates and supports collaboration in the enterprise. It is a powerful, multi-purpose platform for communication and information sharing.

With a small additional solution like vGoal, it can also strengthen the cohesion between employees.

The application

vGoal is an extension for SharePoint or MS Teams. By means of this clear and easy-to-use application, employees in the company can place sports bets. vGoal is designed for soccer competitions (European Championships, World Championships).

Employees access vGoal via SharePoint, where they can follow the match results as well as find out about the status of their favorite team.
Before the next match, every employee can submit tips in vGoal. The (vGoal) admin enters the actual match result after the match, the application automatically calculates the points to be awarded and updates the ranking list of the betting employees.

Fun –and other advantages

Checking rankings, discussing game progress, comparing points – all this in a professional environment that is used every day anyway. Employees and colleagues have fun and variety together – and get to know each other better along the way.

In this way, they become a more harmonious team and find common, not just professional, topics, which improves the atmosphere in the company – especially in these difficult times.

vGoal – mobile

The application is simultaneously available on SharePoint and also in Microsoft Teams – and thus also as a mobile version on the smartphone! Install teams, log in and check the latest state of the championship and personal betting status.

vGoal doesn’t require a constant internet connection, is integrated with SharePoint and installation is simple. Only an ‘administrator’ is needed to record the actual scores. vGoal takes care of the rest – and you can cheer on your favorite team!