Support in the development of structured reporting

Support in the development of structured reporting

Structured reporting has the potential to fundamentally change radiology. Faster reporting with better quality and with the help of Big Data are obvious arguments in favor of an imminent radical change. The goal of our customer is to play a decisive role in shaping this change. There is also a shortage of specialists in radiology; this could also be counteracted by the software through more findings with better quality. Thanks to multilingualism, findings can be created in the native language of the patient or physician, but output in the language of the physician or patient. This considerably improves comprehensibility and international cooperation.

Structured reporting

Our customer is working on a software product for the creation of structured findings (CT and MRI). In contrast to existing systems, it is not based on templates that have to be selected at the beginning of the findings report depending on the indication. Instead, it presents itself like a virtual partner and asks intelligent questions in the form of an ideally conducted interview.

Future-proof with Big Data and AI

With the software solution, radiology centers will gradually conquer the potential of Big Data and AI to arrive in time for the future. For example, machine learning can be used to search for disease patterns, or the structured data can be used to train AI. The software integrates the results of the AI and presents them in such a way that they optimally support the radiologists in their diagnosis.

It is currently still in the optimization phase. Selected centers are already testing the software in pilot projects.


VIALUTIONS supports this customer in the development of this promising solution: radiological reporting software! We are directly integrated into the customer’s development team, partly with nearshoring, and provide project leaders / project owners for the efficient and lean development of powerful software in an agile process. Results are immediately tested and integrated into the production system, which is operated and maintained by us at the customer’s site (Managed Services).