Individual software development

There are lot of solutions for companies that are more or less easy to deploy. Often, however, the organically growth of the IT infrastructure at companies is so individual that a standard solution cannot map all requirements. Our aim is to support you in automating and optimizing your processes – whether you need a comprehensive, customized solution or a small extension or application: we are the right partner for your individual software. Because with VIALUTIONS, you get everything from a single source: from requirements analysis to development and implementation to support, operational assistance and maintenance to further development of your individual software. 

Which is the right solution?

There is an almost unmanageable variety of software systems, applications and tools on the market. But every company is different, has different objectives and needs. Therefore, an individual solution may be the better choice. Even if at first glance the costs of individual software development seem higher than the licenses for an existing tool, the decision for the customized variant usually pays off in retrospect. We will gladly explain the pros and cons of an individual solution and advise you whether and when this makes sense for you. 

Usability depends on the user. An existing tool may work perfectly for one group of users, but not for another. Our goal is to integrate software solutions and tools into your IT infrastructure in a way that provides the biggest benefit possible. You should not have to adapt your work processes to standard tools in order to remain functional. We want the IT landscape to be tailored precisely to your needs and requirements.  

Advantages of individual software

Small and medium-sized companies often do not have the financial resources to support extensive applications in the areas of ERP, ECM, warehouse management or information management. On the other hand, standard solutions are also not always able to map the grown workflows. 

With individual software we bring structure into your processes and provide you with a competitive advantage. In addition, we will continue to be at your side as a competent partner. If something changes at your company, we adapt the individual software to fit the new circumstances. This way you can ensure that the application always offers exactly the functionalities that your company needs at that moment. 

In addition, the introduction of a new system in a company is often a stumbling block. For example, employees have been working with the existing Excel spreadsheet for years or have become accustomed to mapping processes in paper form. Now so much is supposed to change, affecting the accustomed daily work routine? With software solutions that are individually adapted to the respective company, the acceptance during the introduction is usually much higher than with standard solutions. 

IT Services

  • Consulting and support in requirements definition (IREB) 
  • Project development, creation of the High-Level-Definition  (HLD, also as single project) 
  • Project management (Prince 2) 
  • Process consulting, analysis, (re-)engineering, design 
  • Software development (agile), CI CD 
  • DevOps, Testing (ISTQB) 
  • Operation (managed service / on premise / cloud-based) 
  • Support and Maintenance 
  • Nearshoring