Microsoft Partner
Silver Application Development

We are a certified Microsoft partner - Silver Application Development. This title shows that we have the technical skills to design and develop cloud and web applications in Azure or Microsoft 365 and to provide support and maintenance.

Integration – Cooperation – Synergy

ITCorner is an IT cluster from all over Poland founded in 2012 in Wrocław. Most of the businesses that make up our cluster also come from this city, which is one of the largest IT centers in our country.

It is a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience on topics related to both business and modern technologies. As a platform, ITCorner offers communication, exchange of experience and cooperation between IT companies. In addition, it participates in and supports local technology communities and cooperates with representatives from cities and universities as well as other organizations and like-minded clusters.

cyberLAGO e.V. - digital competence network

cyberLAGO is the largest cross-border network of digital experts on Lake Constance and the central point of contact for all questions relating to digitization, digital transformation and IT.

cyberLAGO consists of established companies, startups, universities, and institutions.

The cluster initiative not only promotes the exchange between science and business but also sees itself as a central point of contact and supporter for other industries in all matters relating to digitization, digital transformation as well as IT and IT security in the region. This involves new digital business models and development methods as well as experience in using the latest technologies (e.g. IoT, big data, cloud services, mobile apps).

ceteris Ceteris AG
The best that can happen to your data

The team at Ceteris AG has over 150 person-years of experience with one thing: Fetching information from data with the help of the Microsoft platform, on which you are a four-time gold partner. Ceteris does this with passion and enthusiasm, whether on-premise or in the Azure cloud. When it comes to big data, data warehousing, AI, or sensor data, Ceteris is technologically firmly in the saddle, and when it comes to Power BI, Power Apps, and the other tools of the Power Platform, hardly anyone can fool them! From its location in Berlin, Ceteris offers implementation support, workshops, designs, and smart solutions for the entire German-speaking area.
autoid AutoID

AutoID's mission is to provide solutions based on the automatic identification of people, objects, and events to meet the individual needs of customers. The company uses the latest technologies as well as its own IT tools.

Automatic identification includes barcode or handwriting recognition (OCR), biometrics, i.e. people recognition using fingerprints or the iris of the eye, or image recognition - it is based on these technologies that AutoID solutions are created.

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