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Intranet for companies

An intranet is one of the tools you think about “not useful” until you start using them. It’s a great database, an information exchange platform, and a method to integrate employees.

Enterprise business management requires order. The intranet is a great way to store and sort documents. File libraries or employee records stored on the platform do not take up space in the office, they are organized exactly as the client wants.

Intranet can also perform other functions: virtual employee meeting place, notice board, access card records, place where work time recording takes place, invoice workflow system … Everything is a matter of specialists adjusting the intranet!

Do you want to learn more? We are happy to provide all the information.

HR system

HR is the department that deals with the largest number of documents. However, the flow of vacation requests, contracts and invoices can be accelerated and optimized. We have tools for this!

We all know how to apply for a vacation. It is sometimes a long and frustrating process – not only for the employee but also for the employer. It is not worth hindering your work. We have already carried out projects such as vacation application workflow, but we are open to the needs of our clients.

Do you need a working time registration system? Or maybe an electronic attendance list with hours to come and go? We will prepare an HR system for you that will suit your needs.

Electronic time record

Working time monitoring is a tedious work requiring precision, but it is necessary to record how many and at what hours our employees work. Transferring this process to digital form is a great convenience and facilitation of work.

Working time monitoring can take many forms. Sometimes it is a working time register, sometimes an application for measuring working time, in some companies the online work time record or electronic attendance list also works well. There are many solutions, but how to choose the right one?

We have experience in preparing online office tools and we will not only be happy to help you choose the right method, but also create a personalized IT solution for your company. Thanks to the right software, controlling employee time will be much simpler and more efficient.

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