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Each company needs a commonplace. It can be a kitchen, some part of open space, maybe a balcony … or maybe just an intranet. In this context, an intranet is a great tool for employee integration and intra-company communication, but these are not the only functions of the platform. Why is it worth investing in an intranet? And in general – what is an intranet?

The easiest way to define it is as a platform resembling a website. It may look different, both in terms of layout, content, and interface, but its purpose is rather constant – to facilitate communication, create the ability to store, divide and catalog files so that they are a convenient library to use, but also a workplace.

Intranet communication

Let’s start with the most basic intranet function – communication. Not many companies still use bulletin boards or newsletters, mailings or communication through huts can be problematic … what options do we have?

Intranet! A site that all employees visit daily – is there a better place to post the latest company information and exchange information between employees?

The tab with news, important information or photos from company events is an important matter, but an intranet is a way to facilitate joint work on projects.

Let’s consider this by example. A large enterprise is scattered between several buildings or even cities. Departments cooperate, send documents and their updates, exchange of emails and telephones are underway. Who has never lost in the thicket “document version one”, “version two”. “Second version updated”, “final version !!!!!”, hand up! No one? We thought so. No wonder – it’s difficult. Isn’t it easier to put a document on the intranet that can be edited by the entire team or designated people? All changes are visible in the document immediately, you can see who made them and when you can easily change it as agreed. Full control over company files, bright, personalized layout – this is how it should look like, right?

Company knowledge base

Yes, the intranet lets you work together on documents. But above all, it is a file database that can be updated regularly. What can it look like?

The team is working intensively on the project. It starts with the guidelines from clients – Word file – and visualization package – PDFs. Then the initial concept – again PDF, working time accounting – Excel, subsequent reports, interface designs … lots of files. How to organize it? Where do you put it on your disk? The best would be a folder accessible to everyone, one in which the data will be secure, preferably in the cloud, and if it could still be arranged in the way in which the team suits best …

It meets all these conditions – a surprise! – intranet. With proper navigation and a personalized layout of lists and libraries, the use of data is simple and intuitive.

Employee integration and the intranet

Employee integration is always a complicated matter. If you add an intranet to it, it may sound unreal, but … it works.

An intranet is not just a place where you can work. If we give employees space where they can freely discuss topics not related to work, they will certainly be more willing to look at the platform. Maybe discussion groups or photos from joint trips?

SharePoint gives many possibilities in this respect – add-ons to the platform can be a good solution. What type of additions? Even vGoal – an application for soccer betting. Our experience shows that it works: the period of the World or European Football Championship is a time of feverish conversations and comparison of predicted match results. Why not provide employees with an additional tool in this regard? You can read more about vGoal here.

Why an intranet?

If all the functions of the intranet were collected and compared, then it would turn out that communication is the most important thing. It is thanks to her that collaboration between employees brings results, and the team is truly integrated. And this is what a properly configured intranet provides!

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