SharePoint maintenance


Your company already has MS SharePoint. We have adapted it to the specifics of your business, we have implemented useful SharePoint applications, all employees know how to use the platform, you can get to work. Does this mean that after the implementation of SharePoint we end cooperation with the client? Not!

What is SharePoint maintenance?

Every platform for companies requires support. It doesn’t matter if it’s SharePoint, a different type of intranet or a personalized solution – every enterprise needs experts who help in case of problems, will watch the state of the platform, take care of backup programs … In short – maintain the system and help clients maintain the workflow on the existing SharePoint platform level.

According to Vialutions, it is important to listen to the client’s needs. After adding new applications, the user does not quite know how to operate the SharePoint platform? The tutorial should help us! Do you need to correct the operation of platform add-ons? We check the assumptions and documentation once again and try to work out the best solution. If it is necessary to introduce additional solutions in the SharePoint platform to improve SharePoint workplace for employees, we develop a plan step by step and implement it so that the intranet is as functional as possible.

The same is true for migration. Updating the function, but also the entire platform is an element of its maintenance. The newer version of Microsoft SharePoint is a big plus for users – we write more about it in the Migration tab – but one thing is certain: SharePoint developers from Vialutions know what they are doing and will carry it out in the right way.

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