SharePoint development

Over the years, we’ve created over a dozen applications that expand and complement the work of SharePoint. Our goal is a personalized platform for our clients – we are open to suggestions and needs! “SharePoint? What is this?” – sometimes we still face such a question. We help our clients both when they know exactly what solution they want and when they need support in determining their needs. Microsoft SharePoint offers great opportunities when it comes to facilitating office work. It’s not just the proper document workflow or intranet – Sharepoint applications adapt it to the needs of the company.

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Deploying SharePoint

Installing and properly configuring SharePoint requires knowledge and experience. We can boast of both of these features, which is why we know how to effectively implement the platform so as not to disrupt our clients’ work but help them take it to the next level and ensure proper workflow. Program backup, preparation of the environment for implementation – we will take care of it!

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SharePoint migration

Transferring company data and processes to SharePoint is a complicated process. We have experience in carrying out this type of procedures, we know how to plan and carry them out so that the platform for companies works flawlessly. Migrating SharePoint is not just transferring data to it. It is also a platform upgrade.

The new version of NS SharePoint gives the user many more possibilities – other functions or a more efficient platform facilitates work and suggests new applications for MS SharePoint. Importantly, the old SharePoint releases are gradually ceasing to be supported by the producer. It is worth investing in supporting the Microsoft crew – we will help you choose the latest version of the platform and transfer data to it!

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Maintenance of SharePoint

After implementing SharePoint, we don’t leave customers alone. We support them in using the platform, but also install our SharePoint add-ons. Thanks to this, work with the business platform is smooth, and every possible defect is repaired on an ongoing basis.

Maintaining SharePoint also helps to use it. We will show you how to use the SharePoint platform step by step, implement you into the principles of our applications and programs supporting the platform and provide you with the necessary documentation and instructions for use.

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