SharePoint & Microsoft Teams Projects


SharePoint is a proven tool for organizing and managing data in companies. SharePoint is an intuitive, intelligent and, above all, mobile intranet. In addition, SharePoint is ideal for quickly finding and sharing information. Especially in times of increasing remote and hybrid work, this is virtually a must for smooth collaboration. 

The Microsoft 365 world with SharePoint and Microsoft Teams facilitates collaboration enormously for various reasons. For example, dynamic team websites allow project groups to collaborate more closely, even with external teammates. Keeping people informed and involved is also made easier. There are various document management options to make information and work materials available and thus improve operational efficiency.  

The management of information takes place in SharePoint in an audit-proof manner. The history of the creation and development of documents is logged, so that it is always possible to see who changed something in a document and when. 

Microsoft Teams

While SharePoint primarily facilitates the administration and sharing of information, Microsoft Teams is an excellent tool for direct communication and supports the collaboration of employees, project groups and departments within companies. In addition to chat, meeting and call functions, groups and departments can administer and organize themselves. Thus, Microsoft Teams is not only a comprehensive tool for communication, but also optimal for exchanging files and documents. 

Thanks to a large number of extension options, the tool, just like SharePoint, can be adapted to a large extent to the individual needs of the respective company and is also always available on all mobile devices. 

Migration to SharePoint and Microsoft Teams

SharePoint and Microsoft Teams can drastically improve communication and data management in companies. Nevertheless, a migration from previous version to a new environment is not always that easy. Even if the motto “mobile first” has already been internalized, there are still some hurdles to consider. 

Careful planning is essential. In addition, the question arises as to whether all data should be migrated to the cloud or only part of it for reasons of data protection, for example. Migration requires resources and know-how. Questions such as requirements for functions, the inventory of existing information or even the future data architecture should be clarified in advance. 

As a long-standing Microsoft partner, we can support you in the planning phase of the migration as well as during the migration and implementation itself. 

Extensions for SharePoint and Microsoft Teams

SharePoint and Microsoft Teams offer a wide range of functions and customization options. Nevertheless, every company has grown individually and organically, so that a standard tool can almost never cover all needs. 

Often, requirements arise during ongoing operations that cannot be implemented due to a lack of resources or know-how. We would be happy to support you in defining your requirements, implementing your ideas through to integration in SharePoint or even with certain processes.