vGoal - Soccer bet

SharePoint and Microsoft Teams simplify and support collaboration in companies. Our betting game solution vGoal provides fun and supports teambuilding especially in times of increasing remote and hybrid work.  

The vGoal application

vGoal is an extension for SharePoint or MS Teams. Using this clear and easy-to-use application, employees can place soccer bets, for example during European or World Championships.

Employees access vGoal via SharePoint. There they can follow match results and find out about the current status of their favorite team. Every participating employee can submit his tips for the upcoming match. 

The vGoal administrator enters the actual match result as soon as it is known. The application then calculates the points to be awarded and updates the ranking list of the participating betting employees. 


Checking rankings, discussing the course of the game, comparing points – all this is easily possible on SharePoint, which is already used and familiar on a daily basis. Betting games are fun and provide variety in the daily work routine. Thanks to vGoal, they can now be implemented without much effort.

vGoal mobile

The application is simultaneously available on SharePoint and in Microsoft Teams and therefore also mobile. Just install Teams, log in and get started! 

Access vGoal via Messenger bookmarks: 

The tabs (left) look the same as in the intranet version (right), making them easy and intuitive to use.

The application does not require a permanent Internet connection, is integrated with SharePoint, and installation is simple. All an administrator needs to do is to record the actual scores, and vGoal does the rest.