vGoal - The betting game for the EM 2024

Can be integrated into Microsoft Teams

Euro 2024: Bet - share the excitement - have fun!

Our betting game solution vGoal 2024 ensures fun and team building, especially in times of increasing remote and hybrid work. Thanks to the accessibility of the game online, via app or Microsoft Teams, it is easy to type at any time, even when on the move. This year, external partners or suppliers can also use vGoal for the first time.

The application vGoal

vGoal is a betting game based on Microsoft Azure and can be integrated into MS Teams. Employees and partners can use this clear and easy-to-use application to place bets on soccer matches, such as this year’s Euro 2024 in Germany. Players access vGoal online, via the app or via Teams. There they can submit tips for upcoming matches, follow the match results and find out about their ranking in the ranking list.

Once a soccer match is over, the application calculates the points to be awarded and updates the ranking list of the typing employees. Points can be scored by betting on the correct result, the correct winner or the correct trend.

Advantages of vGoal

Check rankings, discuss the course of the game, compare points – all this is easy to do. Thanks to the integration into Microsoft Teams, there is no need to leave the familiar working environment that you are already using. The mobile app facilitates access on the move. Prediction games are fun and provide variety in everyday working life. Thanks to vGoal, they can now also be implemented for your company.

You want to bet on other sports?

You need a special betting game for your company? No problem, vGoal can be customized for you. Contact us without obligation and we will talk about it. Click here for information about vFun!