vWork - Time tracking

vWork for SharePoint is an innovative tool to record working hours within projects. The two-step approval process is different between the project manager and the accounting / HR department. The project manager sees his own projects and the employees assigne. The accounting/human resources department, on the other hand, sees all projects and all assigned employees. Report generation is possible depending on the level (employee, project manager, accounting). 

Possibilities within a project

Employees can view and accept the projects assigned to them in vWork, as well as set a start and end point for each type of work. After saving, the item is displayed with the status “pending”. 

The calendar with the work hours on the right side shows the status green (8 hours), yellow (less than 8 hours) or red (more than 8 hours) depending on the number of defined hours. The project manager can then approve or reject the hours of the individual employee. This allows the employee to then start the project or revise their hours information. 

Project managers can create up-to-date weekly or monthly reports in vWork at any time. 

Accounting can get a report of all projects for the desired month. 

The approval process in vWork

The Administration

Permission levels can be set in the admin area.

Adding employees, customers, companies, work types and projects

Depending on the permission level, employees can add additional employees, customers, companies or projects in vWork and provide details about the respective type.