IT Support & Maintenance

After we have implemented your custom software or Sharepoint extension, we are still available for you, as IT operations can be demanding and are full of challenges. We want your company’s IT processes to run smoothly, even with increasing networking and automation.

IT Support

Integrating new or adapted systems into the existing IT infrastructure is not always easy. During roll out and operation, our support is available for urgent inquiries regarding operations. In this way, your IT is running smoothly and without interruption. 

IT Maintenance

Often, the ideal application for a software system only becomes apparent during operation. Then, sometimes short-term changes for system are required. We can provide those e.g. as patches. 

It may also be necessary to further develop a complete software system. Here we support you by collecting the new functional requirements (change requests) and integrate them as a basis for new versions. 


If desired, we can also maintain and operate your system. Operation is possible in the cloud, on your local IT infrastructure (on-premises) or as a managed service.