vKaizen - Suggestion Management

vKaizen is a software application which is based on the Japanese business philosophy Kaizen. This aims to achieve continuous improvement by incorporating the opinions and experiences of employees. The tool makes it possible to improve and develop management and production processes at any level in a simple and intuitive way.

How does vKaizen work?

In principle, the tool is a digital representation of the existing paper-based suggestion system. Instead of surveys, forms or Excel files, employees have an easy-to-use app at their disposal. Submitting change suggestions takes just a few clicks and adding a short description or photo. The suggestions can then be discussed directly within the system and the status of the request can be tracked. Thus, vKaizen is an interface for managing ideas and their implementation.

Advantages of vKaizen

The Kaizen method eliminates unnecessary time-consuming and resource-intensive processes. The benefits are obvious: tailored precisely to customer needs, the tool accelerates and facilitates the improvement of production processes. For our customer Toyota, our tool reduced the average time to process proposals from six weeks to one week.