How to improve invoice workflow in a company?

Not everyone likes dealing with documents. Of course, we will find passionate about the filing of invoices by date of receipt, but many people shudder at the thought of “paperwork”. Bad news: it can’t be avoided. Both internal and incoming documents must be properly managed, otherwise, chaos threatens us. What to do with this? How to manage documents in the company? How to improve invoice workflow? Relax – we have the answer!

Automation, ordering, and transparency of the invoice workflow

Yes, we know – it sounds scary. But these three words – transparency, ordering, and automation – perfectly describe the good circulation of documents in the company. If we know exactly who the invoice or vacation application is sent to, we will deliver it easier and faster. If we know that the bills from March 2018 are in a red binder, finding the one we need right now will go a lot faster and we will do our tasks more efficiently. Automating document flow joins the other two parts – because we can, after all, redirect to the right person or find the right document without leaving the desk.

This is where document management software comes in handy! More and more companies are choosing this solution. Look how it looked at our client. We have created the invoice management program, INAPS, based on SharePoint solutions for them:

Invoices are sent to the program from the level of the mailbox (you can throw them into the application directly from the email) or scanner. We used OCR technology for this purpose. It reads content from PDF documents or photos. Thanks to this, regardless of what extension has the file hitting the system, the program immediately directs it to the correct folder.

Employees who deal with specific clients can now manage the document so that it can be implemented as soon as possible – they can describe it, comment on it, and send it to their superiors. It is also easy to check the path the invoice has taken in the company. Who will deal with her? What actions did he take? Has the invoice been paid? Everything can be checked in the system.

Invoice management via Sharepoint

We know SharePoint as an intranet and as a training platform. More than once we presented the platform from Microsoft as a multifunctional, flexible tool that can be tailored to the current needs of the company. Remember, however, that its main function is to store and manage files.

Of course, if there are a lot of invoices in our company, it is worth investing in a personalized document management program. SharePoint itself is also a convenient tool to improve invoice workflow.

Libraries and lists allow you to group documents thematically, so it’s easy to assign invoices to customers or projects. The platform also allows you to create a workflow – a system for creating tasks assigned to users. If we add applications supporting the operation of SharePoint to this, we will get a functional, simple invoice management tool.

The more customers and orders company has, the more complex document management becomes. Let’s think about what we need. Is it a basic platform or something more advanced?

We are happy to help you make this decision!