VIALUTIONS Summer Camp 2021

Application to support the examination of histopathological samples

Summer is over and so is the Vialutions Summer Camp. Four of our interns worked together on a project during the Summer Camp. This was the result of their work:  

The project on which the interns were allowed to work is another step for VIALUTIONS into the MedTech industry. Previously, we have already developed an application to support the diagnostic process, as well as software for an innovative ultrasound tattoo removal device.  

Now there is the new HistoReport: another application that optimizes medical processes. It is aimed at pathologists and supports and organizes the process of describing histopathological samples. It is a system of structured, detailed forms that guide the physician through the entire procedure.  

Throughout the process, we worked with experts in the field of histopathology to determine which features were most important to physicians and in what form they would be most convenient to use. This allowed us to design the application so that it was clear and easy for users to use.  

During these months, our interns have developed a prototype for a tool that simplifies the diagnostic process. It is an open solution – we can extend it with options that can complement its functionality.