Digital transformation – let’s talk about the future

Everyone who has ever run a business knows that it involves being in a mental reality in two realities – present and future. Handling current affairs, tightening contracts, and keeping deadlines, while also thinking about strategies for the future, improvements, and how to best adapt the company’s activities to the changing market. Hard? Unfortunately necessary. […]

vDictionary – Microsoft Teams

Of the solutions proposed by Microsoft, we’ve already discussed SharePoint many times, so it’s time for the silent hero product of recent weeks. What are we talking about? Microsoft Teams! What is Microsoft Teams? Microsoft’s messenger is certainly known to SharePoint users. It is a good complement to the intranet when quick contact with other team members […]

vGoal – soccer bet

vGoal – soccer bet fun with Microsoft Teams SharePoint facilitates and supports collaboration in the enterprise. It is a powerful, multi-purpose platform for communication and information sharing. With a small additional solution like vGoal, it can also strengthen the cohesion between employees. The application vGoal is an extension for SharePoint or MS Teams. By means […]

IT program for production management

Factory management – sounds like a real task, right? Even if we choose only production management from all logistic processes that take place in it, we still get a gigantic process that we need to control somehow. Of course, every production plant that has been operating for some time has its procedures and solutions. They […]

How to monitor working time?

How do you organize your work? Tasklist in a notebook? Calendar? Application on the phone? Laying out the straps and their chapters for the following days is not so difficult. It is different when it comes to accounting for the time that in a given week or spending spent on particular sentences. Let’s be honest […]

Cat at the conference, or how to organize work in a company during isolation?

Long-term work from home is something that suddenly got us and many other companies. Unusual situations require creativity, and for us, working at a distance is nothing new. Do you want to know our ways to make work go smoothly? Enjoy a small review. Good atmosphere? Yes, please! Before we talk about the importance of […]

vDictionary – SharePoint list

You may already know the structure of Share Point from the previous vDictionary article. However, what is the difference between a site and a list in SharePoint? How is the library doing this? Is the site something completely different? To refresh the memory, the small graphics below: What is a SharePoint list? As you can […]

Production automation for Toyota

Production automation for Toyota Spezialist / TMMP IS Operation, Toyota “VIALUTIONS is very flexible in providing the needed manpower and always ready to adapt to changes during the project. Since companies often have only a rough idea of what they want, VIALUTIONS proposes good solutions for our needs.” Can you imagine the business processes you […]

MS SharePoint history – what should you know about it?

Yes, we know, history is rarely a favorite subject at school. We have already learned the dates and the achievements of the rulers, but maybe you will be interested in the history of Microsoft SharePoint? For us, tracking how the platform that is the foundation of our business has changed is very interesting and inspiring. […]

What did we do in 2019?

The year 2020 has already begun, we have started new projects, but we are looking forward to 2019 with satisfaction. It was interesting and challenging. We worked on many interesting solutions and implemented several products and improvements that we are really happy with. Do you want to learn more? Here is a small overview of […]